Patek Philippe Museum's exclusive visit

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Your private tour of the Patek Philippe Museum

We partner with Galvano to offer you an exclusive travel experience

World-renowned Swiss watches are the ultimate symbol of luxury and technical perfection. No manufacturer embodies these qualities better than Geneva's Patek Philippe. Visit Romandy's most populated city to get a deep insight into the Swiss art of watchmaking and embark on a private guided tour of the Patek Philippe Museum. Charter your private jet to Geneva with GlobeAir and join this exclusive private tour brought to you by GlobeAir's premium travel partner Galvano.

The experience includes a two night stay for two people in a 5-star hotel in Geneva, a Michelin star tasting menu dinner at one of the region's top restaurants. The museum's tour lasts about two hours and includes a personalised itinerary around which will bring you out of the museum to discover the city of Geneva and the Lac Leman.

December 1, 2019 – September 30, 2020

Rue des Vieux-Grenadiers

London (BQH)
→ Geneva (GVA)

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Flight time: 01:38 h

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Munich (MUC)
→ Geneva (GVA)

from €4,690
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Flight time: 01:26 h

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Paris (LBG)
→ Geneva (GVA)

from €4,490
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Flight time: 01:00 h

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