Experience the taste of tradition and glamour at the Venice Carnival

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Transcend into Italian excellence with Il Ballo del Doge

Discover the ultimate venetian tribute with a three day bespoke affair

GlobeAir is partnering with TheWowFactor to bring you the opportunity to experience a night full of dreams, pomp, art and magic, let go of the darkness that has obscured our lives and break through the bars that have held you in check. The spotlight finally returns to illuminate our lives and the most intriguing, lively, luxurious and seductive collective spectacle of the Venetian panorama: Il Ballo del Doge!

Yesterday, today, forever… Does time exist, or is it an illusion?

Tick tock, tick tock… on the surface, the hands of the clock always turn and run forward.

But all it takes is a flight of fancy to make them stop or retrace their steps…

Tock tick, tock tick… can you listen to time with your mind’s eye?
The temporal doors of The Greatest Dream are about to open. The imaginative realm of an indefatigable dreamer, Antonia Sautter, the Grande Dame of the Venetian Carnival, who this year invites you to celebrate the 30th edition of her grandest dream-in-progress, Il Ballo del Doge.

On Saturday, 18 February 2023, in the majestic setting of the Scuola Grande della Misericordia, the gears of time will go mad with joie de vivre! A carousel of music, lights, characters and emotions awaits you that will trigger your fantasy, imagination and that art of amazement that everyday life sometimes robs us of.

We will relive together the thirty editions of the Doge’s Ball in an imaginative, elegant, exclusive and sumptuous time dimension. We will celebrate being together and, above all, your future selves, the ones that will emerge transformed from the ball and push you towards new goals, new dreams … new dance rounds!

In the meantime, close your eyes and think: when was the last time you celebrated yourself?

It’s time to do it in the most memorable way.

Leave your comfort zone at home by putting on a sumptuous period costume, an expression from high Venetian craftsmanship for which Antonia Sautter is an exceptional interpreter. Music dance performances will keep you entertained late into the night, creating another world inhabited by artists, acrobats, masked performers, and dramatic decor with lavish food, drinks and music.

A real international event which you can't miss, celebrated by the jet setters, celebrities and seekers of dreams.

What will you experience over 3 days:

Day One: Friday, February 17th

  • GlobeAir Jet Transfer from your preferred destination to Venice
  • Check-in and take in luxury at a five-star hotel positioned right on the Grand Canal
  • Personal costume fitting at Antonia Sautter Atelier

Day Two: Saturday, February 18th

  • Visit the Guggenheim Collection and Pinault Collection Palazzo Grassi
  • Attending Il Ballo del Doge

Day Three: Sunday, February 19th

  • Attend the costume parade in St. Mark Square
  • Traditional chocolate experience at the historical Caffe Florian in St. Mark Square
  • Dinner at iconic Harry’s Bar

February 4, 2023 – February 21, 2023

Scuola Grande della Misericordia

€31,900 *
(BTC 1.5364)

* flights excluded, for two people

Dare to dream and let your imagination free

The IL BALLO DEL DOGE - The Greatest Dream - 30 YEARS EDITION experience

Spectacular performances by an assortment of phenomenal artists, the sophistication and elegance of any décor that is meticulously thought out, this is just some of what one will experience when they slowly open a magic casket that reveals Il Ballo del Doge's effects.

The planned menu has been designed by Top Chef-inspired influences and flavours from Italian cuisine being revisited in a contemporary style. Following the welcome cocktail, decadent cuisine will be served- starting with appetizers all through dessert accompanied by Fine Wines.

What is Included in the Package (for each person):

  • Private Water taxi transfer from Venice Airport to the Hotel in Venice, Grand Canal and back
  • 3 nights in Half Board in Deluxe Room with a View at Bauer 5*L Hotel in Venice, Grand Canal or at Centurion Palace 5*L Hotel in Venice, Grand Canal or at St. Regis 5*L Hotel in Venice, Grand Canal
  • Dinner with 5 courses wine included at Harry’s Bar restaurant
  • Dinner with 5 courses wine included at La Fenice restaurant
  • Hot chocolate experience at Caffè Florian
  • The fitting session at Antonia Sautter atelier
  • Rental, for 3 days, of an extraordinary 17th-century costume (among 3 different categories) from Antonia Sautter atelier https://www.antoniasautter.it/...
  • Full Entrance admission ticket to Il Ballo del Doge at Scuola Grande de La Misericordia sitting at the gorgeous "Jubilee Table" the one and only in the super central stage, available only for the last 6 seats (bookable all together or couple by couple)
  • Water taxi transfer from the Hotel to La Misericordia and back after the party (could be a collective one)
  • Private Water taxi transfer from the Hotel to the Guggenheim Collection
  • Escorted Guide visit to the Guggenheim Collection https://www.guggenheim-venice....
  • Private Water taxi transfer from the Guggenheim Collection to the Pinault Collection Palazzo Grassi

The complete Il Ballo del Doge experience includes:

  • Opening show with a welcome cocktail
  • Gala dinner
  • Great show of Il Ballo del Doge, an uninterrupted series of breathtaking performances in a crescendo of emotions
  • After party, with DJ set and open bar and further artistic performances
  • CLOTHING: typical Venetian ancient costume only. Entry in an evening dress or tuxedo is strictly not permitted.

Become someone else for the evening

Live your fantasy with exceptional workmanship

Antonia Sautter is an artist who designs, sews, and alters all the costumes for her guests of Il Ballo del Doge in Venice. The experience of having a fitting at Antonia's Atelier is like stepping into their world where time seems to stop, and you get absorbed by your costume, carefully handmade with timeless style. It's the first step to joining in on Il Ballo del Doge!

Guests can select from a wide range of costumes that she has carefully crafted with timeless style over many years- even going as far back as history. Suddenly you'll find yourself becoming a seductive Casanova or Mary Antoinette; there are no limits.

By booking this once-in-a-lifetime experience with GlobeAir, you will receive preferred rates on upgrades and experiences:

  • Upgrade hotel room AAA+
  • Upgrade hotel room AAA
  • Private visit at the Basilica of San Marco
  • Add a Visit to the Murano Glass Factory
  • Personal TheWowFactor local assistant

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