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GlobeAir is pleased to partner with styletravel to offer you an exclusive opportunity: shop till your heart's content while lavishing attention on your four-legged friend.

How beautiful is the British capital city London? With a wealth of history, Europe's third-largest city is now one of the world's trendiest and most fascinating metropolises.

At the centre are the imposing Houses of Parliament, the legendary clock tower 'Big Ben' and 'Westminster Abbey', the coronation site of the British monarchs. The Thames invites you to dreamy boat trips while you can enjoy spectacular views from the 'Golden Eye’.

London has long been a cultural and commercial hub, but many visitors don’t realise that there are dozens of lesser-known tourist spots. The city's diverse population reflects its history, so you can immerse yourself in the culture no matter where you go—and check out its incredible food scene.

London is home to an abundance of art galleries, museums, aquariums and other places where culture runs deep. From world-class hotels and restaurants to giant shopping centres—London has something for everyone!

What is included in your luxury package:

  • GlobeAir private jet return flight from your airport of choice to London
  • Luxury chauffeur return transfer from the airport to the hotel
  • 4-night stay at 'The Cadogan a Belmond Hotel' in the Penthouse Suite
  • ‘Full English Breakfast’
  • Travel in British Pullman, in the Wes Anderson private compartment with 5-course lunch menu, wine and champagne

Your four-legged friends will be happy to accompany you on your journey, and you can rest easy knowing that your pet will be comfortable and safe with you. Flying with pets on board a private jet is a memorable experience.

They will not be confined to a crate and kept away from you. They can enjoy the comfort of your lap or stay by your side – all while enjoying cuddles and fresh water.

Dog sitter:

Your dog sitter is available and at your disposal for 7 hours a day during your trip. You determine the times according to your wishes. Whether morning, noon or evening: you have complete flexibility.

Our dog sitters are trained German dog trainers who are in possession of §11 (according to German animal protection law).

Amenities for your dog at the hotel: Dog bed/basket, blanket, food bowl and dog toys. We will charge for additional dates on request

75 Sloane St, London SW1X 9SF, United Kingdom

starting from €38,800 *
(BTC 1.8687)

In cooperation with
* flights included, Tour price per person from €38.800

Your dream stay at the most iconic hotel in London

All about your stylish retreat at The Cadogen Hotel

This typical British hotel, 'The Cadogan', part of the famous Belmond Group, is not just a wonderful hotel, but reflects the 'British way of living'.

The Cadogan is a luxury hotel in the heart of Chelsea. Its charming blend of historical touches and modern chic make it an indulgent retreat.

From world-class restaurants and tranquil private gardens to whimsical design details and rooms with its library, London life is brought to perfection here.

We offer you the magnificent Penthouse Suite on the hotel's top floor. Feel at home in the classic British charm - with elegance and style between modern and vintage. Bold colour accents, bright flowers and fascinating works of art, combined with elegant fabrics, blend.

In the 104-square-metre penthouse suite with its separate living room and fireplace, you can enjoy a wonderful view of "The Cadogan Place Gardens" and the London skyline. Your four-legged companion is sure to find a cosy corner here too.

The hotel is situated between the luxury shops of Knightsbridge, the city's most fashionable district and the boutiques of Chelsea and is, therefore, a perfect starting point for shopping enthusiasts.

Discover world-famous department stores, such as Harrods or Harvey Nichols. Your knowledgeable driver, who also serves as your guide, will be happy to take you to the shopping destination of your choice.


Those looking for the best restaurants in London need look no further.

Your hotel, The Cadogan, has something for every taste and at all times of the day. Enjoy refined dining of classic European cuisine at The LaLee or a traditional afternoon tea in the lounge.

The LaLee restaurant is a homage to the travels of one of the most former residents of 'The Cadogan' in Chelsea, the prominent Lillie Langtry. Famous for her beauty and charm, she had many admirers; she travelled in style when she travelled.

The LaLee reflects her refined taste in sophisticated European cuisine. From breakfast to an aperitif at dusk, The LaLee uses fresh ingredients and traditional recipes from all over Great Britain.

The British Pullman

The elegance of 19th-century rail travel is captured by the Belmond British Pullman

You can look forward to your day trip in the British Pullman, with luxury, glamour and a touch of adventure on an unforgettable journey through the British countryside. This restored train from the 1920s has hosted kings and was once a star on the silver screen. Each whimsically-named carriage has a story to tell. Explore the carriages of Audrey, Vera, Minerva and more to discover their distinctive personalities.

Delight in antique-style marquetry, vintage lighting and heritage upholstery—our passion for preserving history is evident at every turn.

The British Pullman carriages have been restored to their former glory and are as famous today as they were in the heyday of rail travel.

Experience the magic of train travel in Cygnus, a carriage created by filmmaker Wes Anderson with passion and an added touch of exclusivity.Your chauffeur will take you to London Victoria Station and escort you to your private carriage, where your nostalgic rail excursion starts in your own cosy 'private Coupe by Wes Anderson' with an added touch of glamour and exclusivity.

You'll have plenty of room, as your 'private Coupe' is designed to seat up to 4 people. Your exquisite 5-course lunch menu will be served on unique tableware, which has also been selected by Wes Anderson and matched to the ambience. Toast to your journey with delicious champagne, which you can enjoy without limit: 'The Golden Age of Travel by Steam’.

Unfortunately, your fluffy companion is not allowed in the British Pullman, but we have a solution.

We have organised a dog sitter who will lovingly look after your dog. You can be completely flexible, go shopping, go to a restaurant or the theatre. Your dog sitter is always there and ready for action at any time.

For walks, feeding, grooming and whatever else you wish to give your four-legged friend a luxury experience, your dog sitter will take care.


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