Discover hidden gems of Sardinia with the P. Experience exclusive classic car journey

The Sardinia you wouldn't expect

A trip to discover an island full of character and culture, through its breathtaking routes

P. Experience is a journey with unique experiences of driving, culture, food, and beauty. All moments beyond the usual, the already seen, the predictable.

No chronometer, just a concept of bespoke refinement on style and true elegance. The pleasure of sharing special time together in a charming and rare atmosphere tailored for real gentlemen.

Discover the hidden and wilder Sardinia and be amazed by the magnificent experiences that P. Experience has in store.

P-Experience is a unique boutique small event created by Paolo Spalluto. The aim is to invent real bespoke moments for elegant and charming people.

La villa del re
San Teodoro with Stagno di San Teodoro and Spiaggia La Cinta 1024x683

Timeless elegance and incredible charm on the scenic roads of the truest Sardinia. You will discover together with P. Experience the less beaten tracks and magical places, which are hardly encountered along the known routes.

The pleasure of driving on roads with no one else to enjoy both the driving pleasure and the scenery.

Stunning hotels and charming and refined Michelin-starred restaurants are combined with encounters with local people, who will introduce you to ancient traditions jealously treasured like precious jewels.

Do not miss the opportunity to make a truly unforgettable experience that you will cherish in your heart forever.

It is only by living it that you will be able to understand the wonder of P. Experience.

Registration is open to classic cars manufactured up to 1993.

For information,

June 13, 2023 – June 18, 2023

Sardinia, Italy

Paris (LBG)
→ Olbia (OLB)

from €9,590
BTC 0.4624

Flight time: 02:00 h

Fly to Olbia

London (BQH)
→ Olbia (OLB)

from €12,790
BTC 0.6165

Flight time: 02:40 h

Fly to Olbia

Geneva (GVA)
→ Olbia (OLB)

from €7,190
BTC 0.3468

Flight time: 01:30 h

Fly to Olbia


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