Fly to the Royal Wedding by Private Jet

When: Saturday 19th May 2018

The Royal Wedding takes place on Saturday 19th May at 12:00 BST, when Prince Harry and Ms Meghan Markle will be crowning their dream love at St George’s Chapel in Windsor. Invitations count 600 guests, with an additional 200 attendees invited to take part in the evening reception. Whether you are one of the selected guests, or you would like to travel to London during such a notable event, Austrian private jet operator GlobeAir can provide you with relevant travel tips to attend.

How to get there

GlobeAir operates its fleet of 16 Citation Mustangs to the most central European airports multiple times a day and is therefore experienced in providing travellers with various options to fly to London, the hub centre of British culture. GlobeAir Private jets are allowed to depart and land in both commercial and private-jet dedicated airports. The advantage of chartering a private jet, thus, is the possibility to choose from a more extensive list of airports. GlobeAir offers private jet charter flights to and from the following airports in London:

  • Biggin Hill: located in South East London and close to the centre of the city, the airport is renowned for facilities and opening times which favour the needs of business aviation users
  • City: located just a ten-minute drive from the financial district, the airport guarantees a speedy VIP service
  • Luton: situated in the north of London, the airport offers three private jet terminals, operated by Harrods Aviation and Signature Flight Support

When you fly on board a private jet your journeys become flexible and your boarding experience becomes smooth. With parking allowance in the proximity of the aircraft, the airports mentioned above are all suitable for your fast transfers into the heart of London. If desired, GlobeAir can also arrange private jet flights to or from the following airports: Northolt, Farnborough, Blackbushe, Stansted, Gatwick, Cranfield, Southend.

How much will it cost you?

When you charter a private jet, pricing may vary depending on different factors such as your starting location, your destination and flight availability. Membership program subscribers enjoy up to 24 h guaranteed availability and the early bookers benefit from attractive prices.  Additionally, prices may change according to the fliers’ needs. Starting prices for private jet flights from some of the most central areas in Europe to London are:

  • Fly from Nice to Biggin Hill         € 6,900.- one-way
    • City + € 400.-
    • Luton + € 800.-
  • Fly from Geneva to Biggin Hill       € 5,600.- one-way
    • City + € 400.-
    • Luton + € 800.-
  • Fly from Paris to Biggin Hill        € 4,400.- one-way
    • City + € 400.-
    • Luton + € 800.-


Where to stay

Some of the major booking platforms have declared they are reviewing their price offers to provide last-minute availabilities. Nevertheless, now is the right time to finalise bookings. If you are travelling to London during the Royal Wedding, we suggest that you consider accommodation solutions in towns like Slough, Maidenhead or Ascot which are close to Windsor and could offer more convenient solutions. If you are travelling by private jet to London from May 18 to May 20, GlobeAir’s concierge service could help you find a comfortable accommodation solution.

Bring your pets with you

When you charter a private jet to the UK with GlobeAir, your pets can travel in the cabin with you. Among many other airports in the UK (e.g., Cambridge, Blackbushe, London Oxford, Manchester, Edinburgh, London Stansted Airport, Farnborough, Gloucestershire, Leeds Bradford, Gatwick and Lydd) London Biggin Hill accepts pets at arrival, pending they are microchipped and vaccinated against rabies, ticks and tapeworm. Should this not be the case, in fact, your furry friend could be kept in quarantine and your travel get disrupted. You can learn more about requirements and curiosities on board of a private jet by reading GlobeAir frequently asked questions.


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