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Flying by private jet is mistakenly talked about as an exaggerated privilege. Convenient routes, access to hard-to-reach airports and excellent concierge services, however, make it a means of transport which doesn’t suit the world’s billionaires only. Being summer one of the busiest travelling season of the year, that’s when we can best appreciate the value of flying private. You can board a private jet either to reach your summer house or to explore Europe in style. Whatever your plans are, get inspired by our discerned selection of summer destinations and leave behind the hectic times.


Private Jet Travel made easy with GlobeAir

Commercial airlines can arrange your travels to the most typical summer destinations. When you charter a private jet with an operator like GlobeAir, on the other hand, you are giving your travels a whole new perspective: your holiday begins as you reach out to our Customer Care. We tailor your onboard experience according to your needs, and welcome pets in the cabin.

“With airport procedure times cut down to 15 minutes, when you charter a private jet you can reach your holiday resort, residence or luxury venue in no time” The GlobeAir Customer Care.

We guarantee speedy boarding so that you can experience the least amount of hassle and start your holidays with the right foot. Besides, choosing the closest and least trafficked airports as well as organising your transfers is daily care at GlobeAir. So, where should we fly you next?

Private Jet Travel Destinations for the summer

For your hassle-free summer trips, here’s a list of five destinations best visited by private jet.

1. Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula

Sorrento, Amalfi, Naples and many more incredible sites describe Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula. Il Bel Paese fascinates travellers the year over, but it’s probably in the summer that it lives its touristic peak. The South of Italy, especially, offers visitors uncountable possibilities to breathe in the Mediterranean air and relax at the beach.

If it’s true that the history of food, music and coffee starts in Naples, that doesn’t mean your journeys should necessarily begin there. During the summer, in fact, Naples International Airport can get very congested and subjected to slots restrictions.

In the summer, Naples International Airport gets over-trafficked. For travellers longing to live the Partenopean holiday, our suggestion is to fly to and from Salerno Costa D’Amalfi Airport (Salerno) and let us arrange their transfers to Naples.

Amalfi’s 50-kilometre coastline, located only 45 km away from Salerno’s airport, boasts overhanging cliffs and a shoreline full of small beaches. Linger in the Sorrentine Peninsula and pay a visit to the famous site of Positano, the coastal town of Sorrento and Capri- which is a resort island since the time of the Roman Republic. For a proper history’s run-through, arrange your visit to Pompeii or Herculaneum.

2. Catania and the East of Sicily

Another Italian suggestion for this summer is a visit to Catania and the East of Sicily. A unique but large island, Sicily is better visited in chunks. Strategically located on the east coast of the island, Catania can be the perfect starting point of your Sicilian summer holidays. After landing at the Fontanarossa Airport (also named as Vincenzo Bellini after the famous composer), you can count on GlobeAir to escort you to your luxury accommodation or one of Catania’s neighbouring cities. Taormina, for example, the cradle of history at the times of the Greeks, is known for its grand theatres and tragedies played when the sun sets. Like the Belmond Villa Sant’Andrea, it boasts luxury accommodation solutions and beaches suitable for the entire family.

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3. The French Riviera

Thanks to the excellent connections with strategic airports around the area, GlobeAir has gained unchallenged experience arranging trips to the French Riviera. With flight requests increasing as the season reaches its peak, you can count on GlobeAir to secure your trips to the Côte d’Azur via La Môle’s airport, which is located just 15-minutes away from luxury St. Tropez.


St Tropez

Fly from € 5,538

Offering premium concierge services and on-demand access to top events happening in Cannes and Nice; your journeys are smooth and full of opportunities. In summer, your chances to experience the jet-set lifestyle, fine dining or anchor your yacht to the Marinas multiply. Here’s a list of unmissable events happening this summer in the French Riviera:

  • Ultra-Trail Côte d’Azur Mercantour, Nice | 15.06 – 17.06
  • Festival de La Television de Monte-Carlo, Monaco | 15.06 – 19.06
  • Monte-Carlo Jumping International, Monaco | 28.06 – 30.06
  • Championship of Arabian horses of the Mediterranean and the Arabian Countries, Menton | 23.06 – 24.06
  • Fireworks Festival – Cannes | 14.08 – 24.08

4. Montenegro’s Nautical Tourism

Located in the southwest of Montenegro, Tivat is known for its growing nautical tourism, spectacular sandy beaches and luxury accommodation resorts. The pivot of the Adriatic sea, Tivat’s marina or Porto Montenegro accommodates for luxury yachts welcoming discerning travellers each summer. Day-trips to the Island of Flowers (Montenegrin: Ostrvo cvijeća) are the best chance to explore Kotor’s Bay while enjoying its natural beauty. Thanks to its renovated runaway, Tivat’s airport accommodates small aircraft and private jets becoming one of GlobeAir’s preferred summer destinations.

5. Split or Dubrovnik?

We think that you should visit both. Located on the coast at a 4-hour drive distance to each other, Split and Dubrovnik are two of the Croatian cities which offer the best summer break of all time. Both reachable by private jet, they are a good starting point to pay a visit to the archipelagos on the opposite side of the Dalmatian coast. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage site of Diocletian’s Palace in Split and experience fine dining in the Old town of Dubrovnik with a table reservation at the restaurant 360°.

The busiest travelling season is at the doors. Should you be interested in flying to one of these private jet destinations contact GlobeAir and arrange your flights ahead of time. 


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