Hire a Private Jet on Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2018

There is no better way to spend your winter holidays than jetting off somewhere exclusive for Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2018. The most significant advantage of flying private during the peak season is that you will have the chance to escape from crowded airports and finally enjoy the ease of travelling without crowds, liquid restrictions or tight baggage regulations. Whether you’ve come short of ideas or you need to hire a private jet last minute, GlobeAir is available for you 24/7 and provides you with excellent service even at the most wonderful time of the year. Just call us at (+43) 7221 727 400.

5 Myths about Flying over Christmas

1- Can I hire a Private Jet on Christmas?

The answer is yes; private jet charters don’t go on holiday. No matter when you wish to take off; whether it’s Christmas or any other public holiday, GlobeAir can arrange your travels and make sure you can hire your private jet to reach any of your preferred destinations.

As a private jet company, GlobeAir enjoys a larger airport network compared to all traditional commercial airlines; therefore your choice is broader and exclusive at the same time – imagine flying directly to the slopes of Samedan or Courchevel with a private jet.

Even during New Year’s Eve, the answer is a big yes, both Private Jet Airports and FBOs are open, and it’s not uncommon for private jet fliers to celebrate the end of the year on a Mustang or any other private jet. If you are looking for an alternative way to spend New Year’s why not take your family and friends on board? Have a bright start in the new year, fly via GlobeAir offering charter rates starting from € 4,200 and empty legs from € 590 (tax excluded).

2- Can I fly without leaving my pet alone?

pets allowed in private jet

Holidays are a family affair, and we understand it. That’s why we invite you to take all your family with you on board, cats and dogs included! GlobeAir applies minor fees and takes care of every pet on board. Unlike any other commercial airline, you will be able to sit your pet with you in the cabin so as to enjoy the company of all family members. Fees for pets on board apply to travellers heading to UK airports only and start from € 200 per pet.

> Pets Regulations and Fees when you fly via GlobeAir 

3- What are the ultimate Christmas events by private jet?

Whereas many of the exclusive events happening in Europe go by personal invitation, there are many other Christmas must-attends that you can join even last minute; from galas to balls to the famous Christmas markets, you will have plenty of choices to select your next premium experience. Bring home any souvenirs of your taste without worrying about extra luggage fees; come on board with your ski equipment, and we’ll handle it with care.

Alternatively, fly to Paris, Budapest or London and spend the perfect New Year’s Eve on one of the many river cruises offered in all of these European capitals. With 6-course meals and cosy ambience, this is definitely a classy way to celebrate New Year’s 2019. Tickets usually sell fast but last minute availabilities are commonplace. Follow this link to read about all the latest offers.

If you are interested in a particular event happening around Christmas 2018 in Europe, don’t hesitate to contact GlobeAir, we are always happy to bring you where you wish to be.

4- Can I fly somewhere warm by private jet?

If you want to escape the cold temperatures of the winter months, you can always charter your private jet and head south. GlobeAir provides competitive rates for private jet charters headed to the south of Europe. Flights to Ibiza, Palma, Naples, Barcelona or Lisbon – to name a few warm destinations by private jet, are available the whole year round.

Having said that, on the other hand, GlobeAir’s most favourite routes in the winter months are mostly France and the North of Italy.

GlobeAir’s most-demanded routes in the winter months:

5- Can I arrange my business trips by Private Jet over Christmas?

Over the years, GlobeAir has logged a high percentage of its flights for business purposes with Geneva and London as the most-flown destinations.

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People in business, company owners and start-up founders spend most of their working time travelling rather than sitting at the office – that’s a well-known fact. Because private jet flights allow you to maximise your productivity and save up to to 3 hours per journey, these are more efficient compared to business class flights for example.

In case you need to arrange your business trips during the festive months, don’t hesitate to contact GlobeAir.

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