Private Jet Charter

Air Taxi at your service

In today’s fast pace environment GlobeAir is focused in providing time-saving flight solutions aimed at increasing business productivity and efficiency.

Whether you’re traveling for business, or flying the family on vacation, a private jet flight is often the easiest way to get there saving time and with maximum comfort.

The term “Air Taxi” in fact illustrates perfectly our core business and the advantages of flying short haul with a private jet on on-demand in Europe, with a very short notice, being in complete control of your own schedule.

As a private jet operator, GlobeAir has received the “Air Operator Certificate” (AOC). This allows GlobeAir to operate in a commercial environment and ensures that all GlobeAir pilots have adequate experience and receive required trainings in order to operate as a private jet crew member.

With the full own­­­ership of the entire fleet, GlobeAir does not need any owner’s approval, making last minute requests an easy affair.

To prevent unexpected delays, GlobeAir has created an internal maintenance service to guarantee its passengers continuous AOG coverage that resulting in a seamless travel experience.

GlobeAir is internationally recognized for its transparent pricing, efficient operations, and unparalleled customer service.  Experience the pleasure of a private flight operated with the highest level of comfort, security, and privacy and enjoy the privilege of a fast line at the General Aviation terminals.

As a passenger, you may take advantage of our personally tailored concierge experiences, which include special arrangements for helicopter transfers, ground transportation, exclusive hotel, restaurant, club reservations and much more.

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