Our services

GlobeAir’s unique business model is focused on operating a homogenous fleet of Citation Mustangs to generate economies of scale and to foster cohesive crew composition, training, and maintenance, while reducing positioning costs.

GlobeAir has full ownwership of the entire fleet, and therefore does not need any owner’s approval, making last minute requests an easy affair.

As a business airline, GlobeAir is fully “Air Operator Certificate” (AOC) certified to be allowed to operate aircraft in a commercial environment and employ professional pilots.

In 2015 GlobeAir obtained a new Aircraft Operator’s Certificate (AOC) in compliance with the latest European regulation. Experts from the Ministry of Aviation have subjected GlobeAir to extensive and rigorous audits before granting the company the requisite AOC certification EC 965/2012 “EASA CAT IR” and an operating permit valid for cargo and passengers flights.

Additionally, GlobeAir has created an internal maintenance service to guarantee its passengers continuous AOG coverage that resulting in a seamless travel experience.