Les Clefs d'Or Suisse

GlobeAir & Les Clefs d'Or Suisse

Partners since 2019

We are proud to be partnering with Les Clefs d'Or Suisse, an iconic brand which represents the highest standards of hospitality for many of our premium customers. Being GlobeAir operating massively in Switzerland and offering bespoke private charters to many Swiss destinations like Geneva, St. Moritz, Lugano and many others, partnering with Les Clefs d'Or enables us to provide an all-in-one travel solution including luxurious accommodation choices.

Les Clefs d'Or Suisse

About Les Clefs d'Or Suisse

Behind the company

Founded in 1929, the historic hospitality organisation is today recognised as one of the highest example of premium hospitality and excellent service for refined travellers.

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Under the Motto “In Service through Friendship”, the organisation fosters professional development of concierges in the hotel industry by promoting tourism and the highest standards of service for hotel guests.

GlobeAir trusts Les Clefs d'Or when it comes to professionalism. The reasons can be summed up by the principles which the association is built upon, those being:

  • Uphold the professional and ethical standards of the association.
  • Coordinate, promote, and assist the activities and interests of fellow members.
  • Mentor individuals entering the concierge profession.
  • Promote and improve the technical skills of the profession.
  • Foster friendships and communication networks within the Switzerland and abroad.
  • Respond to the needs of fellow members quickly, courteously, and professionally.
  • Uphold the motto, “In Service through Friendship.”

Synergies between Les Clefs d'Or Suisse and GlobeAir

The reasons behind a strong partnership

Offering an all-in-one travel solution means that we strive to provide you last-minute availability for top hotels even during peak season, bank holidays and exclusive events.

"Les Clefs d’Or concierges by the keys they display on the lapels of their uniforms. These crossed gold keys are more than just the symbol of the organization–they are the symbol of guaranteed, quality service.", Les Clefs d'Or Suisse

On top of this, GlobeAir is known for its vast offer of exclusive travel experiences including luxurious retreats in secluded yet starred hospitality facilities. None of this would be possible without a strong partner like les Clefs d'Or Suisse which, standing by our side and by our customers' needs, help us fulfil their requests at any point in time.

We are all about offering no-money-can't-buy travel experiences with a focus on extreme privacy, quality and comfort. Thanks to the partnership with the prestigious Les Clefs d'Or Suisse organisation, we are confident about achieving it.

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