Pilot's FAQ

General information

→ What happens after I submit my application?

Within 7 days/2 weeks you will receive acknowledgment of your application. You will be advised whether or not you are eligible for the next phase of the recruitment process.

→ Can I submit my application by e-mail?

Please apply only via our dedicated talent recruitment platform "SmartRecruiters".

→ What sort of selection process can I expect to go through?

Once we have received your application we will perform various checks and evaluate your application including minimum requirements and standards to meet.

In case this very 1 step has been completed successfully you will be invited to an on-line questionnaire with technical questions about your general knowledge about aviation at ATPL standard and phone interview about your person.

If you are successfully passing the online questionnaire and matching all the criterial requirements, we will invite you for an assessment day within 14 days to either our Headquarter or FSI FAB. This includes individual interviews and a potential simulator check.

The assessment days will be scheduled at least once a month and subject to the existing candidate pool we will schedule your assessment accordingly.

We ask you to invest 2 days of your valuable time for the personal assessment on site.

The invitation for the assessment will be done via e-mail where you also get some recommendations for hotels, where we agreed on special crew rates.

We expect you to arrange the itinerary for the assessment on site at your expense. GlobeAir is happy to support and cover the overnight and standard dinner at the hotel.

Please understand the process from submitting your initial application till assessment day may take up to 3 months, but could be shorter as well. If you have not been invited within this period (at least 3 months), we unlikely invite you for a later date and we keep your application dormant.

Usually the time frame between invitation and assessment day are 2-4 weeks.

→ How does the Assessment Day itself look like?

Day 1

of the personal assessment is about company introduction and up to 3 independent interview sessions with team members of GlobeAir including senior crew management. The interviews are about personal and aviation related topics. Please be prepared there are some waiting periods between the interviews in a dedicated waiting area.

Please note, there might be also a role play and an exam about your English skills.

On the first day GlobeAir provides lunch on site.

At the end of the first day we will inform you about the performance and if we would like to proceed with you on the simulator check.

Shortly before Day 1 (2-3 days) you will receive a “GlobeAir Interview Booklet” to be best prepared for the Simulator Check.

Day 2

After your successful assessment on day 1, we want that you demonstrate your crew resource management skills and instrumental flying skills on the simulator. The session will include 1 “pilot flying” and 1 “pilot monitoring” session. Each session may take up to 30 minutes. The simulator sessions will be performed in a standard fix based procedure trainer.

Kindly ask you for your understanding that there might be also some waiting time till you get scheduled for the sim session on day 2. We may use the waiting time also for the measures for your future uniform, in case you may join the team.

AT the end of the day 2, you will receive a de-briefing and detailed information about potential next steps.

Please note, the Assessment day might take place within 1 day.

→ How can I best prepare for the assessment Day 1?

Applicants should learn as much as possible about GlobeAir by researching the airline and becoming familiar with their ethos, values, fleet and management structure.

In order to prepare for a technical interview, we expect comprehensive knowledge on subjects such as aerodynamics, weather, navigation and flight operations at ATPL level.

→ How can I best prepare for the assessment Day 2/Simulator Check?

The Simulator Checkride in Linz will be done on an “Alsim FNPT Jet configuration”. In case the check ride will take place in Flight Safety Farnborough, UK, it will be on a C510 Simulator.

We expect high level skills of crew resource management and multi crew coordination. Additionally we want to see excellent performance on conducting IFR, SID’s, STAR’s including PBN procedures and comprehensive management of Jeppesen charts in electronic format.

In case your IFR skills are a bit rusty, we recommend some training on procedure devices, prior the assessment days.

→ If successful at all stages, will I be offered a job immediately or will I be offered a hold pool position?

Yes, you will be offered a job with a start date (based on your availability). The start date considers the type-rating, but may vary between 2 weeks and 3 months.

→ I have a ‘X’ month notice period with my current job. Will this be an issue?

If offered a position, GlobeAir will work with you to manage your notice period with potential start date.

→ Are there any other costs associated with this opportunity?

If offered a position, GlobeAir will pay for your phase-in and operational training.
Candidates for first officer position, we ask to self-sponsor the position with EUR 25.000,-; Price includes, Type-Rating and all training costs associated with (e.g. ESET, CRM,..), Hotel, Flights,...

In case of permanent Austrian residency, we may offer to cover this costs, but will result in a strict 5-year bonding agreement.

Candidates for position as Commander, do not have to expect costs, but we ask for a strict 4-year bonding agreement.

→ When does the employment start?

The Employment as crew member starts with the OCC (operational conversion course), which will be usually scheduled within 4 weeks after successful completion of type-rating.

→ Do I need a full disclosure?

Yes, this is a requirement.

→ What does the duty roster look like?

We offer a stable crew roster with 6 days on and 4 days off. The crew roster will be issued latest mid-month for the following month. We respect OFF days and all training will be performed during days ON. Occasionally, we offer the opportunity for extra compensated duty days outside of the standard roster.

GlobeAir fully respects current Flight Time Limitations as per current EASA regulation.

→ How does the ‘gateway’ system work?

GlobeAir Pilots can live within 1 hour per public transport of offered gateway airports. You also have the opportunity to change between offered gateways at latest stage of your employment. GlobeAir operates the own fleet on floating base concept.

→ What are the current gateway airports?


→ Are there currently any other gateways in other countries?

No, due to the current tax and labor laws, we don’t have any gateways other than offered, but we except candidates, relocating close to offered gateway airports, prior starting employment.

→ I know current GlobeAir pilots with other gateways. Can I apply for one of those?

Some current pilots have grandfather rights or based on seniority to other gateway airports which are currently not on the gateway list offered.

→ How does the positioning from permanent residency to agreed gateway airport in terms of start and finish of duty look like?

Pilot reports at agreed gateway airport on day one of the duty period. You either start with the a/c at gateway airport or GlobeAir positions you to the a/c by all means of transport on the expense of the company.

On your last day of your duty period on day 6, GlobeAir arranges your travel back to agreed gateway airport at the expense of the company.

As per current FTL regulation your duty time starts and ends at the agreed gateway airport.

→ How long do you anticipate it will be before a command opportunity arises?

It is very difficult to be specific and GlobeAir is keen to avoid setting expectation which may not be met. Potential common upgrades continuously evaluated by Senior Flight Operations and Training Management based on daily performance and check results during LPC/OPC.

GlobeAir is keen to motivate high performing first officers to be upgraded. Usually we see command opportunities after 24-36 months after joining. In the past we have seen excellent performance and well prepared First Officers for potential Upgrades around 1500 total time on type.

Based on the assessment performance, GlobeAir offers regularly direct entry or fast-track command positions.

→ Are there any additional crew related job opportunities?

GlobeAir offers a wide range of additional roles like: line-training commander, ground instructor, safety board member, compliance board member, and many others, which are extra compensated.

→ I have 6,500 hours total flying time. Am I too experienced to be considered for this position?

No. Applications from candidates with your level of experience are more than welcome.

→ I have been a First Officer for 5 years now; do you offer a fast track route to command?

Yes, we do offer fast track route to command based on assessment and training performance.

→ Do you offer direct entry position?

Yes, we do offer direct entry for Commander position based on assessment and training performance. Final decision will be taken at the LST.

→ How many vacation days are given per year?

20 days

→ Please can you provide details on pay and terms & conditions?

This will be a full-time employment contract according the Austrian labor and tax laws with starting salary of € 28,700 gross for first officers and € 51.500 gross for Commander. Additionally, you will receive €30 tax free per diems whilst on duty. Additional roles will be additionally compensated.

Details on pay scheme and taxes including health insurance are provided during the assessment days.

→ Do you accept applications with UK license holders?

In lieu of ongoing uncertainty in association with the Brexit we request pilots to transfer the license to any other EASA member state – prior starting type-rating, preferably transfer to Austrian CAA Austro Control.

We will adopt as per development of Brexit and implications triggered.

→ Are there any costs for the pilot associated with recurrent training?

No, GlobeAir covers all recurrent training costs including hotel accommodation.

→ Is GlobeAir covering the license validation/renewal fees?

GlobeAir has good experience on the “free of fees”/ handwritten renewal process, which is free of any charges.

Any other costs for renewal/validation or other license fees, is in the cost responsibility of the pilot.

→ Does GlobeAir cover the recurrent medical class 1 examination?

GlobeAir respects the privacy of any medical examination and therefore we are not able to cover the costs associated with.

Medical examinations are to be performed during OFF days.

→ What happens if I lose my medical class 1?

In case of temporarily suspension up to 3 months, the employment will continue at full payment of salaries. Suspension beyond 3 months or terminal loss of medical class 1, will result in the end of the employment by immediate effect. GlobeAir will support in selecting appropriate loss of license insurance, but will not cover premiums associated with.

→ How does a heavy duty day look like?

During peak season the average legs per day are 3-4 sectors. It may happen the crew performs up to 5 sectors.

Occasionally GlobeAir performs night flights and/or early duty starts. However, GlobeAir respects FTL as per EASA regulation.


→ Can I post pictures on social media channels about my duties?

GlobeAir provides detailed usage policies about postings and respecting privacy of passengers.

This will be trained during the OCC (Operator Conversion Course) and recurrent trainings.

→ Which hotels is GlobeAie using for crew overnight?

The choice of hotels depends on various factors like availability, distance from the airport, quality, frame contracts and crew feedback.

Usually we try to book hotels close to the airport in the quality range of 3-4 stars.

→ How does GlobeAir pay for the hotels?

We try as much as possible to close frame contracts with hotel chains for ad hoc or case by case bookings.

Crew is equipped with a corporate credit card for those payments.

GlobeAir is also using well established booking platforms like booking.com or similar.

→ Do I have to pay for my uniforms?

At the start of your employment as crew member you will receive a full set of uniform explained in detail at your employment contract.

Every year you will receive credits to order new uniform parts. Usually the granted credits are sufficient to have always a proper uniform in good condition even if extensively used.

Beyond the given credits you are able to order extra uniform parts.


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