Pilot's FAQ

Pay scheme, tax information

→ How does the full time employment in Austria look like?

Your employment is an unlimited full time contract. This contract can be terminated by either side mid-month or at the end of the month by respecting a 3 months’ notice period. You are governed and protected by Austrian labor laws.

→ What is included in my salary?

Your gross salary includes the income tax, social securities and a well-structured insurance according the Austrian health care system. By law GlobeAir as employer has additional contribution to the social securities and health insurance.

In your annual gross salary are a 13. And 14. Payment included which is based on Austrian law and special tax breaks in case the employer voluntarily offers 14thpayments. The 13thsalary are to be paid together with the June salary and the 14thtogether with the November salary. These both extra salary payments will be paid at full, once 12 month employed with the company, otherwise pro rata.

→ Do I get paid gross or net?

Per Austrian legislation and double taxation treatments with other countries, GlobeAir as employer has to withdraw the salary portions of income tax and health insurance.

These salary portions will be wired by GlobeAir directly to the tax office in due course.

The payment to you will be Net.

→ When do I receive my salary?

The net salary will be wired including per diems, to your bank account at the end of each month depending on your banc the wire transfer may take up to 5 bank days.

Please note, we request a European bank account in the currency EUR, which is connected to the SEPA banking system, which usually any standard bank account of any European bank is.

→ Do I have to pay any other taxes?

Taxation on salaries of crew members are regulated by the OECD agreement and additionally covered by double taxation treatments. Your income from GlobeAir shall not be additionally taxed anywhere regardless your country of residence as long your main residency is within European Union including Switzerland. The full list of bilateral agreements between Austria and other countries can be found here.

Any other income, not from GlobeAir is subject to taxation in the country of your main residence. You are solely responsible for declaring any additional income. Please note, that any additional income outside of GlobeAir may trigger additional taxes and charges on health insurance and social security’s depending on tax scheme applicable to your country of residence, which may result in higher taxes as anticipated.

→ What is covered by the per diems?

GlobeAir as employer provides coverage of any expenses for being overnight while on duty including standard breakfast. GlobeAir provides EUR 30,- tax-free per diem for any day while on duty. With those per diems you should cover higher costs for lunch and dinner compared to being at home. Occasionally, additional allowances may be granted. Subject to operational situation and flight schedule. The total amount of all per diems granted per month, are to be wired in the following month together with the net salary.

It is understood, per diems at EUR 30,- per day, are tax free. Per diems are not applicable when you are standby at home. Usually you will experience per diems at max. 18 days per month which results in € 540,-.

→ When do I get a salary raise?

The pay scheme of GlobeAir is based on loyalty which means after certain years with the company you will experience the salary raise. Details about the pay scheme are provided in the employment contract.

→ How much are the taxes?

For your Employment with GA the Austrian income tax scheme and charges for social securities and health care are applicable. As an initial reference, you may apply a 33% portion between gross and net. This may vary depending on your level of income.

The Austrian tax office provides a calculator (German only) here.

→ Are there any tax breaks?

Depending on your personal and family situation, Tax breaks may apply, but requires an annual tax break application which you should perform with the support of a tax advisor (please note, at your own costs).

→ Can I perform any additional secondary employments (i.e. flight instructor)?

…Subject on evaluation case by case GA may grant secondary jobs, but might be restricted based on competition clauses and flight time limitation regulations. For instance, during the 4 days OFF, between 2 duty periods, you need at least 36 hours of unlimited and uninterrupted rest prior commencing your next duty period.

Health and social insurance

→ What is covered by the health insurance?

As per law, you will be automatically enrolled to the Austrian health care system and in case of being Non-Austrian resident, we inform the health care system of your country of residence to enroll the insurance. The health care coverage should be the same as you are used to in your country of residence.

Usually health insurance covers treatment of sickness and after accidents and standard medication.

The coverage of the health insurance includes the periods you are OFF, but may not cover ultra-high expenses for instance a helicopter transport when you suffer a mountainous accident during OFF day activities.

Beyond any standard health care coverage (private doctors, special clinics, non-standard dental care, or any non-standard treatments) you may contract an additional private health care insurance.

Please note, additional private health care insurances are cheaper the younger are.

→ Are you providing a pension scheme?

At start of your employment GlobeAir enrolls you on the Austrian pension scheme. The pension funds accumulate while you are employed with GlobeAir are transferrable within European member states upon request in case you start an employment somewhere else. Please note, any access to pension funds is only possible at the retiring age of country of residence.

→ Is my family also covered by the insurance if I am a non Austrian resident?

Usually the rules applicable in your country of residence apply.

→ What happens if I am sick or unfit to fly?

In the unlucky case of being unfit to fly due to sickness (certified by a doctor in written to the Employer) you are covered by salary during your recovery phase. Please note, due to legal rules, a longer recovery phase may trigger other applicable monetary coverage schemes.

→ Is the pay scheme company wide or are there any differencies?

GlobeAir provides a harmonized pay scheme based on loyalty which is offered and executed to everybody in the exact same way. Additional compensation may be offered on additional tasks, responsibilities and duties. Details as per Employment Contract.

→ How can I obtain the performance bonus offered in the employment contract?

We grant everybody the performance bonus from day 1, based on trust and knowing you will give your best from the very first day onwards. Your performance (Line Flying, attitude, customer service, training and checking…) will be permanently reviewed by senior flight operations management including direct feedback to you. Rarely we have seen poor and weak performance which led the management to keep the performance bonus temporarily dormant.

Next steps after offer received

→ What are the next steps after offer received?

We will send you a standard deployment contract including a training/bonding agreement for your review and ask you to counter sign. All documents are in English. Once we received the counter signed agreements we start scheduling you for the type-rating (if needed). Usually the type rating starts 4-6 weeks after signing the contract. Occasionally it could be scheduled in a shorter period. In some circumstances, we respect longer notice periods from your side, but needs to be checked case by case.

Additionally, once the contracts are signed and received we will send you an electronic welcome package with important information about the next steps and company specifics.

→ How long does the type-rating take?

Currently we perform the initial type-rating and all re-currents at Flight Safety Farnborough, based on a long term training agreement in place with Flight Safety. The initial type-rating has basically three main parts, which are: Ground School, Simulator Sessions and Checking. Between the first day at the training center in Farnborough and the final check ride, usually you will stay 3 weeks with Flight Safety. GlobeAir will take care of all required travel arrangements (flights from assigned and agreed getaway airport to UK, hotel accommodation including breakfast and ground transportation).

Please note, lunch and dinner are not covered by GlobeAir during the entire stay.

Please note, that usually the weekends during the training period are time off without training. But we request to stay even on those day offs in Farnborough.

→ As First Officer, when do I need to pay for the self-sponsored type-rating?

We expect you to wire funds at the amount of EUR 15.000,- prior your start of the initial type-rating. We provide an invoice in due time prior the training. The balance of the full amount of the initial type-rating is due prior the start of your line training.

Please note, for outstanding performance the amount balance might be reduced by EUR 2.000,- as we want to motivate you to give your best during the training and checking.

→ What happens after the successfully passed EASA check ride (LST)?

Shortly after the successfully passed license skill test, we schedule the base training (landing training on the real aircraft) which you will perform within our ATO with our type-rating instructor. Usually the base training takes place within 3 days after the license skill test and will be performed at Biggin Hill Airport, subject to meteorological conditions.

→ Are there any other training or activities while being in UK for the initial type-rating?

We want to be as efficient as possible to start your professional career as early as possible. Hence we may schedule other trainings and activities during your stay in Farnborough. Such trainings could be: First Aid training, Fire Fighting, and other required trainings.

Please note, on those trainings we are very much depended on third party training providers and training slot available. After successful completion of license skill test, base training and additional operational training sessions we will position you back to the assigned and agreed gateway airport.

→ What happens after I returned back home after the type-rating?

After your return back home, we immediately start on the necessary paperwork to get your type-rating correctly endorsed at/and your EASE license. During this process we may need you support and we will communicate with you and responsible authority by phone and e-mail. Out of our experience we recon a personal pick-up of your freshly issued license might shorten the entire process. Depending on the responsible authority, we usually see a processing time of up to 4 weeks after your successful passing license skill test.

→ When does my employment start?

The Employment as crew member starts with the OCC (operational conversion course), which is your very first duty period which will be full 7 days, based on the training syllabus. The OCC will start once we feel comfortable that your type-rating endorsement will be issued shortly or already received.

→ What type of trainings and activities I can expect during the OCC?

The Operator Conversion Course covers several subjects which ranges from training on manuals, procedures, policies to general corporate policies, IT related items, HR subjects. Those 7 trainings days are very comprehensive and important for your successful start as crew member and expect packed days at the headquarters.

During the OCC we will hand out the complete set of the initial uniform, the crew ID and corporate cell phone.

→ When do I get my very first salary?

Please note, that with the first day of the OCC training, which is your very first duty period, you will be enrolled on the Austrian payroll and tax scheme, Austrian health and social insurance including pension system. This means the first day, is the very first day of your employment. The payment of the first salary will be processed at the end of the month in which you joined and started your OCC. Please be aware that the first salary might most likely be a pro rata payment. As unlikely your OCC will start on the first of a month.

→ What happens after the OCC?

At the end of the OCC, which is your first duty period, we position you back to the assigned and agreed gateway airport and you can enjoy your first duty period OFF. From now on you will be scheduled as crew member within the entire company crew duty roster. Please be prepared that your first flight duty period will be after 3-4 days after the operational conversion course. Your first flight duty will start at the assigned gateway airport.

→ When does my line flying under supervision start?

Your line flying under supervision starts with your first flight duty period and is still considered as training. The line flying under supervision will be guided by a Line Training Commander and commenced according the training manuals. During line flying under supervision, we expect you to demonstrate your knowledge about SOP’s and corporate policies at highest level. The Line Training Commander will provide prior each flight an extensive briefing and after the flight with comprehensive debriefing. We expect you to improve flight by flight and invest in careful preparation and studying the manuals, even during the line training. Your progress during line training will be continuously tracked by the Line Training Commanders and shared with you. The release of line training will be determined by your performance and evaluation of line training Commanders including the release Commander. The line flying under supervision will be completed by the Line Check. Usually we see the line training will require up to 4 full flying duty rotations or around 40-50 sectors.

Based on flight activities and your performance this period might be shorter but could be also longer. After the successful release from line training you are ready to be scheduled with any other crew member.


→ What protects me from dismissal after I have committed this large sum of capital required to join your company?

The protection is very much up to you. If the company experience continuous commitment, excellent performance as crew member and outstanding behavior to your colleagues and highest performance on customer service you may experience a lifelong deployment. In exchange we offer you an employment contract with unlimited term in a very professional environment. Please note that there also additional roles and responsibilities, we may approach you. Depending on your interest and performance. Responsibilities, duties and qualifications will be additionally compensated.

→ Are there any specific requirements to be become upgraded for the position as commander?

There are legal minimum requirements and company requirements to become Commander. Once the hard requirements are fulfilled it depends very much on your performance and demonstrations of skills during line operations. This includes: continuous commitment, excellent performance as crew member and outstanding behavior to your colleagues and highest performance on customer service.

In order to be upgraded we also expect the excellent performance on a continuous bases and not just occasionally for short periods. From a Commander we expect stability and maturity.

→ How does the upgrade bonus work?

We offer for First Officers who become upgraded to the position of a Commander a special bonus scheme to reward loyalty and performance. There is a three-year bonus payment in place. For details we refer to the agreement.

→ Why is there a bonding in place in case I pay myself the type-rating?

The type rating is an investment from your side which you get refunded when you become commander. But keep in mind that we also have to invest in you from our side. We need additional training like the OCC, the line training, we give you the uniform and we want you to stay with us for a certain period of time, in this case 3 years. For this we have the bonding. it decreases every month, so the amount at the end is quite low. The aircraft type license endorsement is a personal right which stays with you regardless your employment.


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