The GlobeAir interiors

A handcrafted experience

The four club-seating configuration makes the ultimate statement in design, comfort, and luxury. Discover the new designs in GlobeAir’s Mustang cabins and enjoy the pleasure of the finest aircraft interior, handcrafted in Florence with care to deliver a unique travel experience. GlobeAir specialists have individually selected only the finest materials, fully certified and sourced in Europe.

The selected leather and the contrast stitching are shaped from a choice of three different colours and configurations.

Never before has a Citation Mustang jet combined the most stylish design with genuine comfort.

GlobeAir offers on each flight an assortment of organic snacks and a selection of hot/cold drinks including Champagne, premium wine, and beer. Our passengers are welcome to inform the Customer Care if they wish to order any additional catering, which is strongly recommended for any flights beyond 1:30 flight time. All our aircraft are equipped with a satellite telephone, a power supply of 110V/230V, and an emergency toilet.

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Popular Destinations

Empty leg flights

London Biggin Hill → Glasgow

March 26, 2019
9:15 AM → 10:53 AM
Fly for € 2,090

London City → London Luton

March 26, 2019
11:30 AM → 12:03 PM
Fly for € 2,490

Geneva → East Midlands

March 26, 2019
12:15 PM → 1:30 PM
Fly for € 2,890

Munich Oberpfaffenhofen → Innsbruck

March 26, 2019
1:30 PM → 2:02 PM
Fly for € 2,790

Why GlobeAir?

GlobeAir is the leading and award-winning Private Jet Operator in Europe offering on-demand charter flights at competitive rates. To make sure that you receive the excellent service you deserve, we are available for you 24/7.

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Instant booking
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All-in-one travel solution
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Frequent-flyer program
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1,500 exclusive destinations
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