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Intending to shape the future of premium mobility, GlobeAir believes in the significant synergies between an established brand like Audi and GlobeAir. With the common purpose of providing smart transport solutions for premium customers, GlobeAir takes in higher regards the partnership with Audi. Performance, quality, precision and attention to the environment is what has driven GlobeAir to establish a long-lasting partnership with such an iconic brand like the one that Audi represents.



Behind the company

"Vorsprung durch Technik" – This phrase has been at the heart of the Audi brand since the 1970s. It still applies today. What it means, of course, changes: at first, it was primarily technologies like quattro. Today, it's about more than the art of engineering. It's about progress - Rethinking mobility, inspiring people, and making their lives easier. Audi's attitude is still the same: look for something new, try it out, make something better. This is how the future is created. This is how the companies live progress.

Synergies between Audi and GlobeAir

The reasons behind a strong partnership

Together with Audi, GlobeAir aims at giving its premium customers the chance to step up their travel experiences.

Globeair etron bernhard fragner
Audi globeair fragner
Audi etron globeair

Thanks to the partnership with Audi, we are able to offer incredible money-can't-buy experiences and invite our premium customers to exclusive events such as the Berlinale or the Hahnenkamm-Rennen in Kitzbühel.

"Private jet passengers want to make sure that their transfers are taken care impeccably. This is why we have chosen the Audi brand. Together, we always provide safe, private and exceptionally luxurious transfers. Ultimately, we both focus on how to reduce our carbon footprints and this is what drivers our future plans too, " comments GlobeAir CEO, Bernhard Fragner

Believing in the added value of offering smart travel options for lovers of road and the sky, we also organise combined events and custom unique experiences. Both GlobeAir and Audi are supporting the sports being both FC Bayern München Basketball's partners.

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