Private Jet for Hunting

Private Jets for hunting has become very popular amongst adventurous hunters. Whether you are an avid hunter or like the thrill and excitement of the hunt, there are some great benefits to hiring a private jet for your next hunting trip.

Hunting is an activity that often requires travelling long distances at a moment's notice to take advantage of peak conditions and optimum destinations.

With so many hunters balancing work and family life, alongside their passion for hunting, few have time to spend hours on end flying with a commercial jet and having to meet stringent requirements to take your weapon on board. By flying with a private jet you can reach remote or smaller airports, and a private jet operator like Globeair can take care of all permit approvals and requirements.

Private Jets for hunting has become popular amongst daring hunters who love the thrill of the chase and the challenge of tracking their game wherever they may roam.

Biosicurezza garantita

Il nostro equipaggio utilizza maschere facciali durante l'imbarco e si occupa di mantenere le distanze di sicurezza. La circolazione continua dell'aria nella cabina garantisce il 100% di aria fresca a bordo in qualsiasi momento.

Massimi standard di sicurezza

Abbiamo ricevuto il premio EBAA Silver Safety of Flight per aver raggiunto 60.000 ore di volo senza incidenti.

Evita le folle di turisti

Sali a bordo del tuo jet privato da terminali privati dedicati e salta i punti di contatto non necessari. Evita i trasporti pubblici per i tuoi trasferimenti e aspettati misure di biosicurezza premium lungo tutto il viaggio.

Disinfezione a getto privato

Puliamo a fondo il tuo jet privato prima e dopo ogni volo in modo che tu possa trovare i tuoi posti igienizzati in qualsiasi momento. Un kit disinfettante gratuito è sempre disponibile per te in cabina.

Prenota in meno di un minuto

Prenota il tuo jet privato online in meno di un minuto e raggiungi la tua destinazione nel modo più veloce.

Servizi di portineria dedicati

Offriamo trasferimenti in limousine o taxi ad hoc all'arrivo e servizi di portineria dedicati durante il viaggio. Possiamo prenotarti nel tuo hotel, ristorante o evento preferito.

Why charter a private jet for your hunting experience?

You can control the schedule

Using a private jet for hunting allows you to control the schedule, so you can avoid delays, bad weather and other factors that might disrupt your journey. Timing can be crucial, as you pick the most favourable conditions for hunting, where every minute counts!

You can travel to your favourite hunting destinations

If you are an avid hunter, you might travel to hunt at different destinations around Europe and around the world. If so, chartering a private jet can be a more comfortable, efficient and convenient way to travel. You can often avoid long layovers and other issues that make travelling on commercial flights difficult.

Suppose you prefer to hunt in destinations that aren’t well-known or are in secluded destinations. In that case, the ability to fly with a private jet operator like GlobeAir means you can reach smaller, more remote airports that would not be possible on larger commercial flights —allowing you to reach your destination quicker and on time.

A convenient way to travel together as a group

Hunting is a social activity and bringing along a partner or a few friends for the trip can make it a much more enjoyable experience. You can also control the timetable when you hire a private jet, avoiding delays that might make it challenging to journey with groups.

You can travel in comfort and style

You will feel like a VIP on a private jet while being pampered with an array of amenities and services. You will have the best possible experience when travelling on a private jet, as we will help you design the perfect experience. We can provide luxurious helicopter or limousine transportation and assist you with your accommodation needs. Whatever your requirements, you can travel in style.

You can take your equipment with you

When you travel by private jet, you can carry weapons and even take your gundogs with you with minimal fuss. If your hunting game heavily depends on your equipment, you may bring it with you while travelling on the private jet. When you fly on a commercial aircraft, you will need to pay an extra cost and still not have peace of mind.

Tips for flying with your gun and your gundog

Our dedicated Customer Experience #DreamTeam frequently advises passengers travelling with hunting, shooting and dogs on board the GlobeAir #MyPrivateJet. Here are our top tips:

  1. Submit your gun permits to the flight operations team at the time of booking to allow sufficient time for the documentation to be submitted by our flight operations team in a timeous manner for approval and to avoid delays at the airport.
  2. Bringing photocopies of your gun licence will ensure Customs and Immigration Officers have a copy on the day of travel.
  3. A case that is easy to open and close will make weapons inspections faster.
  4. Having your gun labelled will avoid confusion and help to ensure speedy identification by Customs and Immigration Officers and the crew when loading or unloading.
  5. When flying with GlobeAir, you must keep your gun and ammunition separate. GlobeAir is certified and has a 'dangerous goods' licence for transporting ammunition for sporting weapons. Unfortunately, not all operators can meet this requirement.
  6. Make sure to enquire about the pet regulations for your departure and arrival destination. Read our blog on everything you need to know for charted air travel with pets.

Whether you are a weekend warrior or you make hunting a significant part of your lifestyle, chartering a private jet for hunting can make your hunting trip significantly easier and more enjoyable. With a private jet, you can travel to your favourite hunting destination on your schedule, creating more quality time!

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Biosicurezza garantita

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