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The 2022 world premiere of the latest boats, yachts and water sport innovations will be taking place at the Fairground Düsseldorf, boasting over 220,000 square meters of exhibition space. From 22 to 30 January, more than 1,500 manufacturers and dealers are expected. With 9 different themed areas and 10 activity zones, there's something for everyone! Also available will be a dedicated Seminar and Content programme allowing

Industry leaders share the latest insights and future trends with all visitors and participants.

With reliable concierge service and 15 minute boarding time, enjoy the privacy of dedicated private-jet terminals by booking your private jet from anywhere in Europe to Dusseldorf and letting GlobeAir create a bespoke travel experience for you.

22 gennaio 2022 – 30 gennaio 2022

Fair ground Düsseldorf

Come raggiungere Fair ground Düsseldorf?

Ginevra (GVA)
→ Dusseldorf (DUS)

a partire da 5.090 €
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Durata: 01:32 h

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Londra (BQH)
→ Dusseldorf (DUS)

a partire da 4.290 €
BTC 0.1204

Durata: 01:19 h

Vola a Dusseldorf

Parigi (LBG)
→ Dusseldorf (DUS)

a partire da 3.990 €
BTC 0.1098

Durata: 01:12 h

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