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Strikes are bad.

Strike initiatorStart dateEnd dateReason for strike
Air France4 dicembre 20198 dicembre 2019New government pension reformRead more

Former strikes

Strike initiatorStart dateEnd dateReason for strike
Lufthansa7 novembre 20198 novembre 2019Pay disputeRead more
British Airways27 settembre 201927 settembre 2019Read more
Thomas Cook pilots8 settembre 20198 settembre 2019Read more

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+ Do you provide compensation for my delayed or cancelled flight with a traditional airline?

No, GlobeAir is an independent private jet company and won't provide any compensation for your delayed or cancelled flight due to a strike.

+ How much does a private jet cost?

The price for a GlobeAir private jet flight depend on many variables such as: departure airport, destination, weather conditions and time of the year. Charter rates start from € 4,200, empty legs from € 590. At, you can simulate your itinerary and check prices instantly, at any time of the day.