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The Frequent Flyer Programs by GlobeAir are the convenient alternative to owning a jet, choosing the option of fractional jet ownership or any other jet card provider. With a modest membership fee, we ensure that you can secure your flight hours and start travel around Europe on your terms.

Choose the Fix&Flex card programs by GlobeAir

How do the GlobeAir Fix&Flex Card Programs work? Charter your private jet today and pay for the real costs only. For all transactions, we ensure complete pricing transparency by sending you a monthly invoice so that you won’t ever feel rushed or blocked before any departure. To satisfy the needs of all our travellers, we offer three different types of Fix&Flex Card Programs: Lifestyle, Executive and Elite.

25 hours included 50 hours included100 hours included
72 hours guaranteed availability48 hours guaranteed availability24 hours guaranteed availability
No positioning feeNo positioning feeNo positioning fee
€ 25,000 prepayment – pay-as-you-go basis for any further costs€ 50,000 prepayment – pay-as-you-go basis for any further costs€ 100,000 prepayment – pay-as-you-go basis for any further costs
Up to 2 hours flexible take-off timeUp to 3 hours flexible take-off timeUp to 4 hours flexible take-off time
Personal travel managerPersonal travel managerPersonal travel manager
Free cancellation up to 48 hours before departure, then 3% offFree cancellation up to 48 hours before departure, then 5% offFree cancellation up to 24 hours before departure, then 10% off
5% discount for other services7% discount for other services10% discount for other services

Why choose one of the three Fix&Flex programs?

On top of giving you the freedom of travelling whenever you wish to with the highest flexibility and a fixed price, all the GlobeAir Frequent Flyer Programs include the assistance of a dedicated travel manager in case you need help with your transfers upon arrival or restaurant and hotel bookings. As well as this, the Frequent Flyer Programs aremade for multiple users so that anytime even your friends, family or business partners can fly with great comfort.

Benefits of Fix&Flex compared to ad-hoc private jet charters

  • Fix competitive pricing
  • Dedicated Travel Manager available 24/7
  • Discount on Additional services
  • No change fees

Do not hesitate to contact us for a tailored offer.

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