GlobeAir releases Alexa skill for private jet bookings

Written by Laura Casati

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GlobeAir releases Alexa skill for private jet bookings

The perfect Alexa skill for the smart traveller

'Alexa, ask GlobeAir to fly me to the Formula 1 Monaco GP'. Does this sound like the future of travelling? Wrong- it’s happening right now. Groundbreaking Austria-based jet operator GlobeAir is releasing its Amazon Alexa skill for immediate private jet bookings. From today, it will be possible to book a private jet with the pure power of your voice. The English version of the GlobeAir Amazon Alexa skill is now available at, whereas the skill's German version is available at

Plan your next journey by private jet

With the help of Alexa

When entering the main menu after starting the skill, you may start your Quote Request by saying:

  • 'Alexa, ask GlobeAir to search for a flight'
  • 'Alexa, ask GlobeAir what are some popular destinations'
  • 'Alexa, ask GlobeAir I would like to search for a flight'

And in German:

  • 'Alexa, sag GlobeAir ich möchte einen Flug suchen'
  • 'Alexa, frag GlobeAir was sind beliebte Ziele'
  • 'Alexa, sag GlobeAir ich möchte einen Privatjet buchen'

Why investing in voice-first technology?

The voice assistants revolution

Use cases for people who possess a voice-first device like the Amazon Dot, the Amazon Echo or the Google Home still pertain to some basic commands. We use our voice-first assistants to play music, switch on and off the lights of our homes and some of us may use it for very low-risk online purchases. However, voice assistants are set to revolutionise the way we manage life. Soon, voice assistants will replace our assistants by managing our agenda and appointments for us. To invest in voice-first technologies means to gain time and simplify our lives.

Real-time bookings powered by voice search with GlobeAir

The reasons behind GlobeAir's Alexa skill release

Why has GlobeAir developed its own Alexa skill? To commit to an entirely customer-driven travelling experience means to invest in making headway in the latest technologies and Amazon Alexa is one of the most used voice assistant software since the launch of AI voice-first technologies.

“We were very excited on the day we submitted the skill for review. For us, what matters the most is to contribute to creating memorable customer experiences for the traveller,” says the VP of Sales and Marketing.

This, and according to a recent report by VoiceLabs, the Alexa store is increasingly investing in the addition of travel-related skills. When you need a flight at short notice, access to the booking process should be as fast as it can be. Voice-first technology achieves this, making it possible to immediately request a service.

The customer is king

The Alexa skill used to improve customer service

With real-time quoting, bookings which take seconds and guaranteed availability, GlobeAir focuses on delivering a memorable travelling experience to its passengers. When the demand for 24/7 availability and excellent customer service are top priorities, the possibility to book a flight with a simple voice input will surely give GlobeAir an advantage over the competition.

“Our team is passionate, and we have excellent industry knowledge. We are confident that GlobeAir is just starting to set the standards for the technological breakthrough in business aviation,” says GlobeAir CEO Bernhard Fragner.

Get started with voice search for private jet bookings

How to enable the GlobeAir Alexa skill

For you to use the GlobeAir Alexa skill, you should possess an Alexa-compatible device like the Amazon Dot or the Amazon Echo. You can then download the Alexa app, search for the GlobeAir Alexa skill and enable it on your Alexa. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions.

Scopri il nostro brand

Con più del 50% della quota di mercato, GlobeAir è l'azienda leader nel settore dei business jet a corto raggio. Possedendo una flotta di 20 jet privati, siamo disponibili 24 su 24 in tutta Europa. Con un'esperienza pluriennale di più di dieci anni alle spalle, siamo la scelta più veloce per raggiungere città metropolitane come Londra, Parigi, Ginevra e Milano. Grazie alle dimensioni dei nostri jet, siamo tra i pochi operatori a poter atterrare in aeroporti piccoli come quelli di St. Moritz, Lugano, Salerno per un totale di 984 destinazioni. Il segreto del nostro successo? Un'estrema dedizione per offrirvi sempre un servizio eccellente e fatto su misura per le vostre necessità prima durante e dopo il viaggio. Le nostre tariffe vanno dai € 590 per i voli a vuoto e partono dai € 4,200 per le tratte standard.

Published on 6 luglio 2018, updated on 21 agosto 2019


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GlobeAir è il principale e pluripremiato operatore di jet privati in Europa. Con dieci anni di esperienza e una flotta di venti jet privati, vi offriamo voli in jet privato ad-hoc e a prezzi competitivi. Siamo a vostra disposizione 24 ore su 24 per assicurarvi un servizio sempre eccellente.

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