Charter a private jet to TEFAF Maastricht

TEFAF Maastricht – The European Fine Art Fair

The world's leading art fair

7 marzo 2020 – 15 marzo 2020


Fly comfortably to TEFAF Maastricht

Experience 7,000 years of art history

Charter a private jet via GlobeAir and fly to The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF) 2019 to join the community of top art dealers and experts in Europe. Covering 7,000 years of art history, TEFAF Maastricht has been inspiring art lovers and buyers since 1988. This year, from March 16th to the 24th, the fair opens its doors to art professionals, traders and aficionados; fly with Europe’s leading private jet company and enjoy a hassle-free journey to Maastricht during its busiest time of the year.

Come raggiungere Maastricht?

Visit the world's leading art fair

Let us escort you to Maastricht

Every year in March, art experts flock to the far-off town of Maastricht – mostly famous for the Treaty – to clog its small airport and attend TEFAF. The fair, which offers one of the most qualitative arrays of art pieces in Europe, attracts a strictly-selected number of art dealers at each edition. Around 300 exhibitors and 50 art traders – whose oeuvres are meticulously vetted by TEFAF’s professionals – are expected this year.

When the MECC (Maastricht Exhibition & Congress Center) is embellished by sumptuous stands showcasing the art pieces and the exhibition centre is adorned by flowers, that’s when it becomes harder to fly to Maastricht; Maastricht Aachen is a small passenger and cargo airport which usually experiences relatively low traffic.


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