Who is flying private jet now?

Who is flying on a private jet today?

All the relevant statistics regarding private jet travellers during the COVID-19 pandemic

Who's flying private today?

Six features which define the private jet traveller today

1. More business than leisure

With strict preventive measures stopping travellers from enjoying nightlife and refined meals as they used to, travels for leisure has been less than for business. Where airlines have stopped offering flights, private jet charters have been there to help. Face-to-face meetings are seeming to be necessary for business having GlobeAir operated 60% of its trips for business purposes.

2. A surge of first-time private jet travellers

A total of 2,678 passengers have become first-time private jet travellers.

3. Average number of passengers per flight

GlobeAir operates the world's largest fleet of four-seater Citation Mustang jets. Since the pandemic has started, we have registered an average of two passengers per flight.

4. Passengers' average age

The average age of our passengers was 44 years old.

5. Children on board

Since the pandemic has started, we have flown 418 children. It is not uncommon for GlobeAir to welcome minors who are travelling alone on board. We strive to help your children reach your destinations – whenever it is needed that they travel on their own without parents.

6. Pet statistics

We don't simply welcome your beloved pet on board, we try to make him or her feel as much comfortable as it is possible. When you board a GlobeAir private jet with a cat or a dog, you must make sure that your dog is on a leash and together with a dedicated dog-carrier.

7. Beloved routes

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