Touchpoints commercial VS business

The safety of flying private explained – a comparison between two travel experiences: less than 20 touchpoints when you fly private as opposed to more than 700 when you board a commercial plane

What should I expect when I board a private jet? Why is it safer than a commercial flight?

We have compared the two journeys highlighting the most relevant steps along the way.

1. Getting to the airport

Avoid public transport and let us arrange your pick-up with a careful driver

Imagine travelling hassle-free to the private jet terminal; your journey is made safe by a driver who respects your privacy and maintains the required distance from you, while using a mask and gloves to handle your luggage. Then imagine travelling on a crowded train or shuttle and sharing the space with strangers whose previous movements you are unaware of.

2. Security

Once they reach the private jet terminal, first-time private jet travellers are often positively surprised by the easy boarding process during which the stark differences between commercial and private aviation become unmistakable. Crowded halls with hoards of people running around, food and newsagent's stalls crammed with people who touch here and there and public toilets suddenly give place to a private and safe waiting area with limited traffic of passengers.

Once your driver has escorted you to the private waiting area, your dedicated travel manager will greet and escort you to security.

Instead of waiting in line surrounded by hundreds of passengers transiting from all over the world, security checks are carried out in a separate and quiet room. Security checks are fast and allow you more time; you avoid queues and perform the checks comfortably and are not pressed by strangers behind you.

3. Private lounge and private aircraft

After you have comfortably passed through security and before boarding, you can have some minutes of relaxation in the private jet terminal lounge; there, a comfortable pre-flight experience awaits you. You can have some drinks and snacks, read your favourite magazines and wait for one of our crew members to pick you up. Our crew will greet you according to the ICAO safety norms, which include recommended distance between crew and passengers and the use of protective masks. To fight against the current COVID-19 pandemic, our pilots will avoid shaking your hands and use gloves when handling your luggage.

Stepping into your aircraft is smoother when you fly private. Forget about jumping on a crowded shuttle bus full of potentially infected passengers, let alone having to breathe the same air for the entire duration of the ride. Flying private means, you will be transferred to your private jet on a shuttle bus which is dedicated to you and the people you fly with only.

Once on board, you won’t have to worry about sharing the cabin with strangers and potentially having to get in contact with roughly eight people circling your seat. Instead, you share the cabin with family, friends or colleagues.

Moreover, there can be hundreds of ways you could get in contact with strangers while on a commercial flight. From the simple act of putting down your mask to sip from your coffee to the moment you go to the toilet, the risks of contamination are staggeringly high.

4. After landing

What happens after you land?

After landing at your favourite destination, you are again picked up by your private airport shuttle reaching the General Aviation Terminal where your transfer is already waiting for you. Still, you are sheltering yourself from stationing at very crowded airport halls where people from various countries bearing different levels of pandemic’s risk have been gravitating.

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