De-icing measures for private jets

De-icing measures for private jets

De-icing measures for private jets

The importance of de-icing explained

In winter, a private jet is subjected to the elements, and therefore it will be covered in ice and snow when left outside. From the early months of the cold season, it is legally required to perform de-icing manoeuvres before take off.

De icing measure globeair
De icing globeair private jet
De icing globeair private jet

To ensure the highest safety standards when you board a flight with GlobeAir, we are happy to guide you through our de-icing measures. Learn what de-icing means for you as a passenger with the information below.

How does a private jet get de-iced?

De-icing fluid, measures and precautions

Have you ever hired a private jet in winter? If you have ever flown private from November to mid-March, it may well be that you have already witnessed one or two de-icing procedures. De-icing happens at the departure airport, and it is a standard procedure to be performed prior to take off.

It is normal for passengers to be on-board and remain seated while the de-icing fluid is sprayed onto the aircraft. Do not be alarmed if you see that the fluid is green or orange; the fluid's colour is a way to retrace easily where it has been sprayed. The nature of the de-icing liquid is similar to the liquids you may spray on your car's window screen, hence it has de or anti-icing properties. When de-icing is performed while you are on board, you can rest assured that take off will be soon.

How does the GlobeAir de-icing insurance work?

Your safety is our first priority

When you purchase your private jet flight with GlobeAir you have the option to purchase your de-icing insurance in advance. Choosing to add the de-icing insurance is the most convenient way not to incur any additional fees after you land. As de-icing is necessary and bound to the weather condition, it is always advisable to add the insurance for your safety and your savings.

What are the available insurance plans offered by GlobeAir?

  • 5 days before departure: € 250 / leg
  • Between 5 days and 72 hrs before departure: € 350 / leg
  • Between 72 hrs and 24 hrs before departure: € 450 / leg
  • Between 24 hrs and 6 hrs before take off: € 550 / leg

We would like to remind you that costs for pre de-icing procedure can amount to € 1,000. GlobeAir is not in the position to offer any post flight purchase of this de-icing insurance.


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