Travelling tips for passengers during COVID-19


How to keep travelling safely in 2020

The 5 essential tips for travelling in times of COVID-19

Just a few months ago we could have never imagined being scared of hopping on a flight, an airport shuttle or simply waiting for our connection at the airport terminal. Think about digital nomads, business investors, and luxury event goers for which travelling has always been a natural habit. Due to the dramatic rise of the COVID-19 crisis, however, today, travelling seems complicated and scary. For you to know which are the possibilities to travel, we have compiled five travel tips to follow in times of COVID-19.

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Studies have proven that travelling is still vital today; investors need to meet their future business partners in person before closing a deal and second homeowners are often flying in and out of the country to check on their properties. So, If moving freely from A to B is still vital, what's the best way to travel today?

  1. Keep yourself updated and check the latest travel regulations
  2. Take care of biosecurity and follow all necessary safety measures
  3. Purchase travel insurance to safeguard your journey and investment
  4. Monitor your health, get checked and track your movements
  5. Prefer business aviation to commercial airlines

1. Keep yourself updated and check the latest travel regulations

Different countries have dealt with the pandemic in different ways and the rhythm at which the virus has spread keeps changing depending on waves of infected people travelling to one place or the other as well as state-specific regulations. At GlobeAir, we keep our passengers up to date with the latest travel regulations thanks to our Travel Regulations Map. The map gives you an overview of the available routes and possible travel restrictions from your favourite country of departure to your favourite destination in real-time. Also, when you book a private jet with GlobeAir, your dedicated travel manager will make sure to check all country regulations for you so that you don't have to invest too much time on getting things ready for your travels.

2. Take care of biosecurity and follow all necessary safety measures

Our advice to travellers is always to prefer travel companies which take care of biosecurity and make sure that vehicles and aircraft are thoroughly disinfected. At GlobeAir, we have adopted strict biosecurity measures since March, and we make sure to deep clean the cabin of our aircraft before and after every flight. Of course, you must keep following all safety measures, including the use of a protective mask whenever you are in crowded areas. Different countries have different regulations in place when it comes to mask obligations, so make sure to find the right information before your journeys. When you board any commercial plane, you will be asked to wear a protective mask for your whole trip. Given the small dimension of our private jets and because you only board together with people you are comfortable sharing the cabin with; however, you won't need to wear a mask during your flight with GlobeAir.

3. Purchase travel insurance to safeguard your journey and investment

If there is one thing that we have started to learn since March and the beginning of the pandemic, it is that travel restrictions and general safety measures in order to avoid the spread of COVID-19 can change very rapidly.

It may well be that your flight which was booked in advance is going to be disrupted due to sudden changes to the state policy of the country you plan to visit. What to do then? Many companies are issuing travel credits and are ready to tackle the situation by giving you the money back. Nevertheless, due to the many requests, commercial airlines' hotlines are clogged with requests making reimbursement requests a painful subject.

GlobeAir helps you safeguard your journeys by offering free last-minute cancellation insurance for private jet travellers. You can purchase the insurance at the time of your booking. The price for the insurance is € 500 and can protect you from any sudden changes in country-specific regulations.

Some companies are issuing specific travel insurance so that your investment is safeguarded. GlobeAir’s free last-minute cancellation insurance, for example, can be purchased at the time of your booking, costing € 500. The free last-minute cancellation insurance grants passengers the right to cancel their flights free of charge and up to 24 hours before the confirmed time of departure.

4. Monitor your health, get checked and track your movements

In times where health becomes a global concern, we should all be listening to our bodies looking for symptoms. The earlier we act to stop the pandemic's spread, the better it is for ourselves, our loved ones and the whole travelling community. Travel only when you feel 100% healthy and get yourself checked if you think you are suspiciously sick. Follow the example of companies like the Austrian Red Cross which have developed its own track-movements app called "Stopp Corona". Get country-specific information to find out if your country has developed a similar tool as well.

5. Prefer business aviation to commercial airlines

Commercial airlines have been known to connect the world in an affordable way. Today, the cost of a cheaper ticket could expose you to over 700 touchpoints, hence potentially putting your health at risk. With less than 20 touchpoints, in comparison, and special attention on private boarding terminals and biosecurity, business aviation is nowadays becoming frequent travellers' preferred transport solution. When you charter a private jet, in fact, you pay for the full aircraft. Depending on the capacity of the cabin, you can share the cost of a private jet with a maximum of three other passengers, making a single ticket reach a price point which is more similar to business class than ever. Offering same-day tickets, moreover, private jet charters let you save money on accommodation costs – when needed.


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