Early-bird discount on your next possible private jet flight after COVID-19

Early-bird discount on your next possible private jet flight after COVID-19

Charter a private jet after the lockdown and benefit from 10% off the original price as well as a dedicated travel alert

Book your private jet flight online now and we will contact you regarding your earliest departure dates in accordance with your destinations' safety policies

We have now spent more than one month at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and many of us are surely longing for some well-deserved holidays. To help the hospitality industry recover, we have never stopped our operations; we have just adjusted to the dramatic situation which has reduced our flights due to airspace restrictions and safety measures.

Jet privato ibiza
Private jet Paris

Therefore, we are agile enough to ramp up our operations and fly you in total comfort to your favourite European destinations once the general lockdown measures are lifted. We are ready for brighter times when travelling will finally be deemed safe again and we are offering you the opportunity to be amongst the first travellers to experience Europe's beauty.

How does the discount work and when will I be able to fly again?

Book your private jet now and sit back and relax until we contact you

For every private jet flight booked and paid for today, you can enjoy a 10% discount by redeeming the promo code EARLYBIRD10 at fly.globeair.com during checkout. We will make sure to inform you as soon as your chosen destination is safe for landings again.

As soon as we are aware of any information relevant to tourism measures in your chosen destinations, we will contact you right away so that you can be the first to fly there with a 100% guarantee.

Our COVID-19 crisis team is constantly monitoring the news to be on top of Europe's country regulation updates and offer you the best possible services.

Early bird 10 private jet discount offer

How can I redeem my promo code?

Follow the steps below. Visit fly.globeair.com and redeem your promo code: EARLYBIRD10. We will be in touch with you personally as soon as your destinations are able to welcome tourists again.

  • Visit fly.globeair.com
  • Choose and confirm your preferred route
  • Get your quote in seconds
  • Enter the promo-code EARLYBIRD10 at checkout
  • Book and pay for your flight directly online
  • Wait until GlobeAir reaches back to you confirming your earliest possible departure time
  • With a 100% guarantee, you will be amongst the first ones to travel as soon as travel restrictions are lifted in your preferred destination
  • Enjoy your long-awaited private jet journey

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