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GlobeAir is to provide a superior customer experience thanks to tyntec's WhatsApp Business API integration

Via your favourite communication channel, faster than ever

Over the summer, we have increased our response time to customer inquiries by 80 per cent. The reason? The successful integration of the WhatsApp Business API into Slack, our internal communication tool. Thanks to tyntec – the company that helped us make the implementation possible, it now takes us less than 60 seconds to process a customer message.

Speed and customer satisfaction are two of our highest values. We make sure you can request an online quote instantly, and we fly you to your favourite destinations faster than any other airline. Finding the best way to handle incoming messages is, therefore, fundamental to our customers and our communication strategy.

As it turned out from one of our surveys, in fact, we found out last year that WhatsApp is top of the list amongst the most-loved communication tools. Including managers, professional athletes, and celebrities, our customer base is often pressed in time and therefore demands the highest comforts – especially when it comes to communicating with us.

"tyntec understood our needs right away. So it was not difficult for us to call on their support and learn how to best use the WhatsApp Business API to increase our customers' satisfaction. The communication works so quickly and comfortably now that we can build trust and long-term commitment with our customers," says Bernhard Fragner, CEO GlobeAir.

Summer is business aviation's busiest season. Implementing the integration in the middle of the summer heat, on July 15, has meant significant improvements in a short time. Our acquired leads increased by 27 per cent and our last-minute flights' sales went up by 20. The contact via the website works with one click, and the communication continues straightforwardly directly on your phone. WhatsApp does not require a separate app for sending quotes or flight information, so push-messages are immediately displayed.

"GlobeAir is an excellent example of what WhatsApp can do for corporations. From initial contact to ticket purchase, the entire booking process goes through the app, and this is convenient for both the GlobeAir customers and their private assistants. The numbers speak for themselves, "says Stephanie Wißmann, vice president of digital and growth at tyntec.

With our customer care team working at full speed, we are committed to staying on top of the latest technologies as they develop.

A propos de GlobeAir

Avec plus de 50 % des parts de marché, GlobeAir est le leader européen dans le secteur des jets très légers. GlobeAir est disponible 24 heures sur 24 et 7 jours sur 7 dans toute l'Europe grâce à 20 jets privés qui relient des villes européennes comme Londres, Genève, Zurich, Paris, Nice, Milan à de petits aérodromes comme Saint-Moritz, Lugano, Salerne et 950 autres. La compagnie a obtenu ce succès grâce à son dévouement et en offrant un service sur mesure avant, pendant et après le vol. Tarifs charter à partir de 4 200 €, vols à vide à partir de 590 €.

Published on 16 septembre 2019

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GlobeAir est le premier opérateur de jets privés en Europe, primé à plusieurs reprises, qui propose des vols charters à la demande à des tarifs compétitifs. Pour vous assurer de recevoir l'excellent service que vous méritez, nous sommes à votre disposition 24 heures sur 24, 7 jours sur 7.

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