GlobeAir updates for the year 2019


GlobeAir updates for the year 2019

Welcome to the GlobeAir experience

Advance, Experience, Aspire – Welcome to the GlobeAir Experience 2019: A growing fleet, the most exclusive travel experiences, a strengthened partnership with Alfa Romeo Racing former Sauber and a Monegasque tennis player are to mark the beginning of your 2019 with GlobeAir. Here, we have collected our latest news to keep you up-to-date with our activities over the forthcoming months.

GlobeAir grows fleet with former Wijet Mustang jets

We are officially announcing that we have acquired four additional aircraft thus confirming that we are the owner of the world’s largest Cessna Citation Mustangs fleet numbering 20 private jets. We have acquired four of the 11 Cessna Citation Mustangs which were previously operated by Wijet. The four new examples have undergone significant overhauls and will be operative by the end of March. The reason behind the new additions to our fleet is to confirm our desire to satisfy an even broader customer base. Ultimately, we are looking at increasing traffic in those European regions which like France, Monaco, Switzerland, Italy, the United Kingdom and Germany are some of the most critical for business aviation.

Embark on a premium travel experience

GlobeAir unleashes your journeys

January 2019 is the time to rediscover the empowering effect of a relaxing winter holiday at one of the most luxurious chalets in Europe. This year, we cover a long list of bespoke chalets which are to be found in our city destinations guides of Bolzano, Innsbruck and St. Moritz. However, our best suggestion for absolute privacy are the premises of the San Luis Lodges Hotel, Baldrutt’s Palace or the Kitz Boutique Chalet. The latter, especially, can be combined with one of the most eagerly awaited sports events of the month, the Hahnenkamm Races. To reach the event as conveniently as possible you can rely on GlobeAir to bring you directly to the heart of the competition on Saturday, January 19th 2019 – the day when one of the most famous downhill races will take place at the Streif.

Coming up in February 2019 we will have our dedicated travel managers arranging some of the most romantic Valentine’s Day packages for you and your partner.

“We will combine a selection of the ever-green romantic destinations and some of the best accommodation options for you so that this day will be memorable for you and your partner. Every Romeo out there can rest assured to be surprised, even on board,” says Jonathan Berdoz, VP Marketing & Sales at GlobeAir.

For those who are interested in our Valentine’s Day packages, be sure to follow GlobeAir on our social media and sign up to the GlobeAir newsletter where we’ll be disclosing all the details. Alternatively you can always drop us an email at

“We have been tailoring the GlobeAir experience to your needs to bring you the ultimate smart travel experiences for 2019. You could be travelling for business or leisure; we can upgrade your journeys all year round so that you can be closer to your family and friends and never miss a business appointment again.”

Later on, in May 2019, you can rest assured that we will bring you only the very best of the Formula 1 races. Thanks to our successful partnership with Alfa Romeo Racing (former Sauber) and Amber Lounge Monaco, we will be offering special hospitality packages to reach the Monaco GP.

Aspire to be first

GlobeAir lands in the world of sports

As to continue with our news section, we are thrilled to announce that we are now partnering with the young and talented Monegasque ATP tennis player Lucas Catarina. The partnership has just been announced on GlobeAir’s social media and will bring many more testimonials in the months to come.

The partnership with Lucas Catarina continues our great connections to the world of sport, with GlobeAir being one of the most preferred airlines by European athletes and sponsoring the values of speed and passion. Lucas will be sponsored by GlobeAir during his tournaments, as well as keeping up the name of our company while in residence in Monaco or travelling around the world.

A propos de GlobeAir

Avec plus de 50 % des parts de marché, GlobeAir est le leader européen dans le secteur des jets très légers. GlobeAir est disponible 24 heures sur 24 et 7 jours sur 7 dans toute l'Europe grâce à 20 jets privés qui relient des villes européennes comme Londres, Genève, Zurich, Paris, Nice, Milan à de petits aérodromes comme Saint-Moritz, Lugano, Salerne et 950 autres. La compagnie a obtenu ce succès grâce à son dévouement et en offrant un service sur mesure avant, pendant et après le vol. Tarifs charter à partir de 4 200 €, vols à vide à partir de 590 €.

Published on 16 janvier 2019, updated on 13 juillet 2021

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GlobeAir est le premier opérateur de jets privés en Europe, primé à plusieurs reprises, qui propose des vols charters à la demande à des tarifs compétitifs. Pour vous assurer de recevoir l'excellent service que vous méritez, nous sommes à votre disposition 24 heures sur 24, 7 jours sur 7.

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