GlobeAir releases new corporate identity


GlobeAir has a fresh look: new logo, same class

With a new design, Europe's leading private jet company confirms its focus on offering premium travel experiences

After reaching its ten-year milestone, GlobeAir is unveiling a freshly-revamped corporate identity; the soft changes sport a modified logo, a revisited claim, and a brand-new hashtag, all of which reflect GlobeAir’s core values. As the first private jet charter company offering online booking, the company has long focused on providing all-in-one travel solutions to help travellers move fast and cost-effectively; not only does GlobeAir offer on-demand private jet charters but also ad-hoc transfers and travel recommendations. GlobeAir has had a successful start into 2019 – signified by renewed and recently announced partnerships with Alfa Romeo Racing, Louis Roederer, Amber Lounge Monaco as well as a significant fleet growth counting now 20 aircraft. It is in this context that the image overhaul of GlobeAir has been decided, and it serves a twofold purpose. On the one hand, it aims to represent the company’s attitude: modern, fast-paced and ever-connected; yet it positions GlobeAir as a tech-driven service company rather than a mere private jet charter provider.

A fresh viewpoint

Changes to brands are natural and inevitable, and they often go hand in hand with a company’s progress. With the so-called “soft redesign”, GlobeAir has chosen this year to develop its image further, without intending to disrupt it. As announced, today we are presenting a new GlobeAir logo, a revisited claim and a brand-new hashtag, intertwining classic GlobeAir visual elements with fresh novelty.

Landing in the new corporate identity

The new GlobeAir Logo

The new GlobeAir logo consists of two fundamental elements: the globe and the total red colour.


Behind the Globe

As much as it’s true that the “globe” is part of the company’s name, the same word holds a much stronger meaning. The immediate idea of travel, exploration and discovery that a simple glimpse of the globe conveys, directly correlates with the company’s activities and identity. GlobeAir operates the world’s largest Citation Mustang jets fleet within Europe; however, the company offers a 24/7 online booking service which is available everywhere across the globe. Wherever you sit, you can expect a GlobeAir representative to be on hand. GlobeAir is a connections facilitator, linking passengers flying out of Europe en route to the United States of America, the United Arab Emirates or other parts of the world with the most reliable charter providers available. Travellers coming from outside of Europe recognise in GlobeAir the perfect travel solution to accommodate their last-mile connections.

The new Globe

These reasons explain why the globe had to be kept. And modernised, by giving it more resonance thanks to its “soft redesign”. The globe has come a long way from being just an abstract representation of the letter “o” within the word GlobeAir – an option which anyway remains part of the logo’s preferred variations; now the globe is also a stand-alone element and has become more dynamic. Enriched by four motion lines which symbolise the coordinates around which the GlobeAir fleet flies, the globe helps the entire logo achieve three-dimensionality spurring the idea of movement.


New Colours

Red has long been GlobeAir’s flagship colour. The choice comes down to its traditional meaning for red generally conveys warm and joyful sentiments. At the same time, this is the powerful colour of fire transmitting energy and strength. GlobeAir's new red is slightly lighter than it was before matching greatly the company's colour palette, which now also includes dark blue, copper and silver. Retrieved by the existing GlobeAir visual environment, the new colours echo the aircraft’s livery design and interiors, at times mirroring the refined style of some of the company's partners.


A revisited claim

Your private jet becomes "my private jet"

“Your Private Jet” has been the company’s claim for almost ten years now becoming a chased hashtag on social media. One can hear the company’s representatives explaining what it means to charter a private jet via GlobeAir: as soon as the flight is booked, the chartered aircraft becomes yours – with the absence of maintenance costs as the only difference to ownership. Now take the passenger’s perspective and “#MyPrivateJet” is born. As much as it’s possible, and unlike any other scheduled flight, with GlobeAir you are allowed last-minute changes, rerouting, and personalised selection of catering and crew. You reach the highest performances of travel by setting the rules of your journeys; for one day or more, the DREAM TEAM is at your complete disposal. The utmost care that the company takes in always assisting its passengers – no matter at which stage of contact – immediately resonates with the claim's new wording. From now on, you can say: “The private jet I charter with GlobeAir is #MyPrivateJet”.

Premium Experiences

For the smart traveller

Premiumtravel experiences and first-class service – GlobeAir’s mission and vision give inspiration to a brand-new hashtag dedicated to the smart traveller. For those who dare to fly on their terms, #UnleashMyJourney opens up an infinite number of travel opportunities, for both business and leisure.

“Whether it’s on board or with its on-the-ground services, GlobeAir’s objective is to be foremost in the traveller’s mind when it comes to choosing a peerless travel experience,” says CEO Bernhard Fragner.

Those who live and breathe top-class sports events like the F1 Grand Prix or some of the ultimate cultural exhibitions like the Cannes Film Festival can trust GlobeAir to make their attendance even more memorable with sojourns at some of the best hotels, restaurant and hospitality facilities in Europe.

All GlobeAir Hashtags

Today, GlobeAir joins the online conversation with branded hashtags #FlyGlobeAir, #DreamTeam, #SmartPeopleFlyGlobeAir #MyQualityTime and #PassionIntoProfession – GlobeAir’s CEO personal mantra. With the purpose of spreading GlobeAir’s core message properly, the “soft redesign” confirms the full hashtags’ array, as well as welcoming #MyPrivateJet – the revisited claim, and the brand-new campaign #UnleashMyJourney.

A propos de GlobeAir

Avec plus de 50 % des parts de marché, GlobeAir est le leader européen dans le secteur des jets très légers. GlobeAir est disponible 24 heures sur 24 et 7 jours sur 7 dans toute l'Europe grâce à 20 jets privés qui relient des villes européennes comme Londres, Genève, Zurich, Paris, Nice, Milan à de petits aérodromes comme Saint-Moritz, Lugano, Salerne et 950 autres. La compagnie a obtenu ce succès grâce à son dévouement et en offrant un service sur mesure avant, pendant et après le vol. Tarifs charter à partir de 4 200 €, vols à vide à partir de 590 €.

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Published on 14 mars 2019, updated on 12 septembre 2019

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