Aviation update: Europe is relaxing travel restrictions for travellers and second-home owners

It is time to take off again

Fly private around Europe and enjoy total safety

We are happy to announce that June 15th, 2020, marks the day when travellers and second-home owners will finally be allowed to re-enter many of the European countries which have been on lockdown following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Where can private jets fly from June 15th on?

  • Leisure travels: Today, you can charter a private jet to countries like France, Croatia, Italy, Montenegro, Austria and Slovenia. You won't need any specific travel certificates, nor will you risk experiencing any quarantine period away from home.
  • Business travels:Travelling for business is possible again. Zoom out of yet another video conference; let us fly you to Germany, Austria, Poland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Belgium, Slovakia or Hungary.
  • Yacht and second-home owners will be happy to know that Spain has just moved its reopening date forward to June 22nd.

The perks of flying with GlobeAir during such unprecedented times

  • With less than 20 touchpoints compared to the 700 which occur on commercial airlines, and with 100% fresh air at any point in time, flying on a private jet is amongst the safest means of travel.
  • We also partner with luxury hospitality companies in Croatia, Sardinia, Austria and many other European countries to offer you exclusive travel packages including your private jet, luxury accommodation and unique experiences.

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