Private Jet to Sion


Flanked by picturesque snow-capped peaks, the exquisite region of Sion is also hailed as the most sun-kissed area in Switzerland, enticing visitors throughout the year. This small yet intriguing town, however, which dates back more than 7,000 years, is also an intoxicating fusion of old and new.
On the one hand, the fine selection of museums and historical sites offer a glimpse into the town’s rich and diverse history, while the top luxury hotels and modern municipal facilities attract visitors of discerning tastes. Nestled within one of Switzerland’s most important wine producing areas, Sion also has much to offer for those who would appreciate the fine wines and Michelin-Star quality cuisine at one of the town’s high-end eateries. As a base from which to explore, Sion is conveniently located close to the many charming Skiing resorts of the Valais side valleys and, as such, provides an eclectic experience for the most discerning visitor. Whether travelling to Sion for business or pleasure, permit GlobeAir to make all the necessary arrangements for private air taxi transfer.

Arrive in Sion in style with private jet transfer

The air taxi will land at Sion Airport where upon request, a shuttle service will pick up passengers and transport them to the town’s most prestigious hotels, such as the Etoiles de Montagne, perhaps by helicopter or ground transfer. Intimate yet exclusive, this outstanding accommodation is nestled amid the Haute Nendaz Ski Resort and offers panoramic views of the surrounding majestic mountain range. Five-hundred meters from the nearest cable car, all the facilities of this beautiful resort are conveniently located by the hotel. Although a dedicated, talented chef will be waiting at this first-class establishment for guests to arrive, the Restaurant La Cabane is another option and frequented by those who wish to sample authentic, traditional specialties from the Valais.

The glamour of Sion

Of course, not all those who seek a private jet to Sion want a skiing holiday. Others choose air charter flights to the region to enjoy one of the many upcoming festivals and events. A trip to the area during the month of August, for example, will coincide with the town’s most important classical event: the Sion Festival. Over the course of eighteen days, prominent classical musicians from around the world perform for adoring audiences. July, on the other hand, brings the ancient organ festival, where renowned musicians entertain onlookers with the sounds of the highly celebrated instrument which was created more than 600 years ago. Hosted in the Basilica of Valère, the event draws music enthusiasts from around the world. The month of December brings the charming Christmas markets, where talented local artisans offer their premium creations. In the true spirit of Christmas, the markets occur when a carpet of crisp, white snow covers the traditional alpine lodges and creates a spectacular festive ambiance. Sion is also renowned for its warm and welcoming inhabitants, ensuring that any stay in the region is a memorable one.

How much does a private jet flight to Sion cost?

A number of factors will determine the cost of each flight to a private jets airport, however, once the timing, destination and number of passengers have been decided upon, a transparent price will be offered and honored by GlobeAir. Visit the GlobeAir booking system and enter the specific details and one of our helpful and knowledgeable customer service team will arrange the flight.

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Alternatively, telephone our 24/7 customer care team and discuss requirements and preferences with a member of staff. On the other hand, empty leg flights – the unsold half of a pre-booked private flight, meaning the aircraft would otherwise fly without passengers – can result in significant discounts up to 90% on the cost of the journey. Either passengers are on board a charter or a positioning flight, they can experience the comfort and luxury availed to them when travelling by private jet.

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