The Safest Private Jet Charter

We are committed to delivering the utmost quality experience before, during, and after each flight without ever compromising your safety. We have implemented a strong Safety Management System (SMS) because safety excellence is an integral part of all of our activities at GlobeAir. Our safety standards meet all EASA regulatory requirements from the aircraft we fly to the pilots we train. We’ve been operational for more than 10 years without any accidents, and in the years of 2014 and 2016, we’ve been awarded a Bronze Safety Status by the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA).

GlobeAir Trains with the Austrian Air Force

Safety Procedures in Business Aviation

When it comes to safety for business aviation in Europe, the overhead structure for regulation is the EASA, the European Aviation Safety Agency. Its body is composed of over 800 aviation experts and administrators and is responsible for ensuring that the highest safety standards are delineated and met. One of its requirement is the active cooperation with a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO) which ensures that the safety standards are met. As well as this, CAMO is the responsible entity for airworthiness and continuous audits; it cooperates with the maintenance and servicing companies and is responsible for quality management and up-to-date documentation.

GlobeAir as Qualified CAMO

GlobeAir acts as a qualified Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO) to ensure and maintain its fleet airworthy. Our maintenance operation centres are close to the main hubs in Europe and provide around the clock support 365 days a year. All our scheduled aircraft maintenance is carried out by highly skilled and certified engineers who have come to know each aircraft, original equipment manufacturers and authorized support facilities down to detail. Before and after each flight, every aircraft is thoroughly checked, inspections and regularly scheduled maintenance periods are scheduled and imperative.

Safety on board

Operating for over 10 years without experiencing any incidents or accidents, GlobeAir’s growing Mustang fleet is well supported. Safety is paramount. On board of the Mustang, there are life vests and oxygen masks. Yet, these are secondary to the strictest standards in maintenance and oversight. At great advantage, GlobeAir operates and is certified as CAMO dedicated to the fleet. Upholding this expertise to regular and stringent audits, proving compliant to aviation regulations. Any deviation or small technical issue is directly reported and dealt with swiftly.

Pilots with Skills and Nerves

We recruit highly experienced pilots. All our pilots are trained to the highest safety standards, twice a year, in full-motion flight simulators. Pilots cooperate with the CAMO and follow all necessary safety and compliance measures. Before and after each flight, the aircraft is thoroughly checked, with regularly scheduled inspections and maintenance periods.