Your Private Jet to Oktoberfest 2018

The city of Munich is welcoming Oktoberfest, the largest folk festival in Europe. With over 30 festival’s tents and 7.2 million visitors, this 16-day event is where tourists and celebrities go to appreciate locally-brewed beers, authentic food, and traditional Oom-Pah music. Held every year between the last week of September and the first weekend of October, the festival, or “Die Wies’n”, celebrates hundreds of years of Bavarian tradition attracting visitors from all over the world.

Tips to Attend

Table reservations open one year ahead of the event; while tents will still offer a limited number of seats on a first-come-first-served basis. If you haven’t planned your visit yet, you can charter a private jet from your favourite airports in Europe and attend Oktoberfest last-minute. GlobeAir will make sure that you have a comfortable and smooth journey to Munich, or any other nearby airports (check below) as well as serving you traditional Bavarian food* on board.

St Barthelemy

Munich (MUC)

Fly from € 25,977

Where to stay

Must-visit tents like the Hacker-Pschorr’s (with its famous painted ceiling), the Schützen’s or the Hofbräu’s symbolise the grandiosity of the event while offering an unbeatable mix of tradition and fun. That’s where you can taste some of the most traditional beers and sing along the Bavarian chants with friends and family.

Live an Exclusive Experience


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For a more exclusive Oktoberfest, locals and celebrities choose the Käfer’s Tavern. An old weathered tavern, the Käfer’s is not a tent but a cosy location showcasing Oktoberfest’s finest side. The tavern closes later than any other festival’s venues and has a stricter policy towards reservations. More than just a venue, the Käfer’s is known for its traditional merchandising: an Oktoberfest-designed coffee mug (The Käfer Wiesn-Haferl) initially manufactured in 1971 by Gerd Käfer which today has become a tradition. Bring a piece of the festival with you, or ask GlobeAir to make it even more memorable with a private jet flight directly to your favourite tent.

*limited offering and subject to availabilities

Airports Close to Oktoberfest, Munich

  • Munich (MUC): Bavaria’s capital
  • Oberpfaffenhofen (OBF): 20 km from the city centre of Munich, in Starnberg, Bavaria
  • Augsburg (AGB): 7 km northeast of the city of Augsburg, Bavaria


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