Innovative solution

OneFourFive is GlobeAir’s solution to improve maintenance logistics for Mustangs.

Together with AAC Maintenance center at Linz airport we are able to deal with all maintenance events AOGs and regular maintenance without having to wait for “maintenance slot” availability.

Traditionally with the bigger maintenance facilities one has to book a slot well in advance and if there is an AOG situation these centers often cannot respond immediately.

With OneFourFive the objective is to treat every maintenance event as an AOG therefore minimizing down time and making the aircraft fully available to better serve our clients` demands.

Part of the OneFourFive structure is a few strategically located technicians who are able to respond instantly to AOG situations.

Our aircraft are often operating in/out of NiceGeneva, MilanOlbia (summer). Within a few short hours our technician can be on site to assess any AOG and often can resolve the issue on site without further delay.

Our partner AAC Maintenance center in Linz has been responsible for maintaining our entire fleet since 2008 and has over 15000 hours of experience on the Mustang making them one of the most experienced facilities in the world.

Our new OneFourFive maintenance solution center can respond to any type of request ensuring that your airplane is ready to fly when you are.