Annex (revision) for Commission Regulation 1321/2014

Incorporating amendments for continued airworthiness (CAMO)

GlobeAir recognises the importance of compliance

In June 2020, European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) released a new Annex revision directive with a deadline of 24 March 2022. Part CAMO is Annex Vc of (EU)1321/2014, and it outlines the requirements that an organisation must meet to manage the continuing airworthiness.

The EASA defines the term CAMO as Continuing airworthiness management organisation. A CAMO is the civil aviation organisation responsible for controlling the continuing airworthiness activities on aircraft.

Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/1383 introduced more flexible requirements for light aircraft maintenance established by Commission Regulation (EU) No 1321/2014. It has also added safety risk management measures for organisations that manage the continuing airworthiness of an aircraft.

Since this new regulation was introduced, all aircraft operators had a two year opt-in and transition period to meet the requirements and demonstrate to National Security that they meet the initial and recurrent requirements.

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If, after 24 March 2022, the organisation has not transitioned and received new approval from the regulation authorities, the approval certificate and AOC shall be revoked, and the aircraft will not operational. Whether the aircraft owner is part of a passenger carrier organisation or a private owner, the Part Camo certificate is required to keep the aircraft operational. This means the aircraft will be grounded indefinitely until the approval is received.

Typically, Competent Authorities will be expected to perform two separate Part CAMO eligibility audits- an Airworthiness Audit and a Safety Management System Audit. After the completion of both with no findings, the authorities will revoke the Part M certificate and replace it with the Part CAMO certificate.

Compliance is our mission

GlobeAir to offer consulting services to the European aviation industry

GlobeAir is offering a consulting service to ensure that organisations comply with rules and regulations with a complete audit service for institutions to comply with Commission Regulation (EU) No 1321/2014. As an operator of a uniform fleet of Cessna Citation Mustang C510, we specialise in providing audit implementations to quickly meet the regulations.

This is not a type-specific service and can be provided for all aircraft types.

Why choose GlobeAir?

  • GlobeAir has a dedicated CAMO team that works closely with Type Certificate (TC) Holders.
  • Our team of qualified specialists are considered experts by our TC Holders as we are regularly contacted for input and guidance from the different stakeholders and aircraft manufacturers.
  • GlobeAir has completed the transition process, and we have already received our Part CAMO certificate in record time.
  • GlobeAir boasts zero accidents since its establishment.
  • GlobeAir has received the EBAA Silver Safety of Flight Award, achieving 60,000+ hours of flying without an accident.
  • GlobeAir meets all EASA regulatory requirements, and we are an EASA Approved Training Organisation due to our expertise and dedication to compliance.
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Nikola Vlasic

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