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GlobeAir is partnering with BOSS GP, the fastest race series in Europe and one of the most spectacular series in the international motorsport world in order to provide the possibility to the drivers, the team and the fans to join the competition by private jet.

BOSS GP Racing Series

About BOSS GP Racing Series

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BOSS GP is the fastest race series in Europe and one of the most spectacular series in the international motorsport world.

Brute race monsters from Formula 1 go head to head against GP2, Indy Cars, World Series by Renault, A1 GP and any other powerful, fast and noisy formula cars. This series is built on speed, spectacle and noise and is a true paradise for the drivers as well for the motorsport fans.

BOSS GP is officially authorised by the FIA as International Race Series.

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200905 Masaryk RD 09 DH 8671
200905 Masaryk RD 09 DH 9085

The abbreviation BOSS stands for Big Open Single Seaters. The races will be between the top classes from the international single-seater categories past and present. There are two different classes in the BOSS GP series. In the OPEN class, the fastest and most powerful cars such as Formula 1 and IndyCar, will fight for their Champion. In the FORMULA class, mainly GP2, AutoGP, World Series by Renault and the cars of the Superleague Formula battling for the podium positions and the championship points. At the end of the season every class will crown its own BOSS GP champion.

The performance of these cars is stunning, the starts are noisy, the races fast and furious. The series aims to stir the passion of all motorsport fans… with just a little assistance from the screaming V10, the howling V8’s and the growling V6 engines. All together they bring an unforgettable mix of sound and speed you will never forget.

BOSS GP is a truly unique series in international motorsport. The open paddock and relaxed atmosphere provides every motorsport fan with the opportunity to touch, admire and be photographed with some of the worlds most famous and powerful cars and to have a chat with their teams and drivers.

Pirelli is exclusively supporting Europe’s fastest race series with tyres.

The entry list will be filled with an impressive mix of fast and noisy race cars from nearly every top single-seater category. The drivers cannot wait until the green light turns on to push the pedal to the metal for another exciting and spectacular BOSS GP season!

The benefit of partnering with BOSS GP

GlobeAir and BOSS GP share the passion for speed and entertainment. As a partner, GlobeAir will be able to offer an exclusive way of traveling to BOSS GP's racing events for customers and teams. In addition, GlobeAir will be able to offer a bespoke racing experience for customers, friends and family. Please go to our experiences section for further information.

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"The extension of our partnership section with Europe's largest private jet operator in the very light jet segment gives BOSS GP the leverage of providing additional services to racing enthusiasts at a reasonable price to complete our bespoke racing experience from door-to-door." – Siegfried Stieger, Board Member BOSS GP
"With BOSS GP on our side, GlobeAir is now able to extend the long list of provided experiences with an unforgettable event: Driving a GP2 car at full speed. Racing has always been very closely linked to aviation: In addition to the passion for speed and safety, people naturally also share the emotions of shared experiences on a long day of racing." – Bernhard Fragner, CEO GlobeAir

London (BQH)
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