GlobeAir is to expand in the luxury tourism industry

GlobeAir – 2020 brings a brand-new expansion in the luxury tourism industry for Europe’s largest very light jet operator

Europe’s market leader in the very light jet industry is to focus strongly on the luxury tourism industry starting from 2020 thanks to the appointment of Dieter Pammer as BizDev specialist

GlobeAir’s founders and board members are stepping up their strategy to guarantee the ultimate bespoke journey to their customers; Bernhard Fragner and GlobeAir’s main investor Friedrich Huemer, have just appointed Dieter Pammer (48) as the company’s Director of Business Development.

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Time and work-life balance are today’s luxuries; these two assets define our quality of life. As a high-end travel experience provider, GlobeAir is now expanding in the luxury tourism industry foreseeing the strategic importance of this sector. With many years of experience in the aviation industry and a strong passion for leisure tourism, Mr Pammer fits well in his role. As GlobeAir’s Director of Business Development, he will strategically expand, position and enable long-term partnerships with tourism partners, tour operators and other key players in the industry, all in cooperation with the GlobeAir management.

With an exclusive programme for premium design trips tailored to the end customer, GlobeAir is eager to present its strength as an all-round service provider. The opportunity to offer board-to-board service, helicopter and limousine transfers, as well as exclusive tickets for VIP events is GlobeAir's speciality and unique selling proposition. Passengers can look forward to top-notch last-mile flights when flying over Europe from Asia, the Americas and the Middle East. Simultaneously, GlobeAir promises to increase its focus on the main Mediterranean hotspots including the Balearic Islands, Corsica, the Côte d'Azur, Italy, Croatia and Montenegro.

Smart travellers seeking sun-soaked luxury sites have now the opportunity to fly to dozens of European airports thanks to GlobeAir’s premium destinations offer. Travellers doing business in the same geographical areas will benefit from the most efficient means of transport or rely on GlobeAir to reach their summer homes hassle-free.

To boost the development of luxury leisure travel, GlobeAir also counts on the efficient performance of its private jet fleet and the unique opportunity to make use of Europe’s smallest airports.

"Since its foundation, back in 2008, my GlobeAir DreamTeam has managed to explore new travel possibilities for the premium business traveller including board members, managing directors, executives and entrepreneurs. With enormous dedication and passion, GlobeAir has established itself as the market leader in premium air travel solutions.

At the same time, we have recognized that combining our services with high-end leisure tourism solutions is the way to go as we strongly believe in the development of this industry in the years to come. The intention is to expand within the sector and to do so in a structured manner. Based on his experience and expertise, we are confident that Mr Pammer is the right person for the job. Mr Berdoz, our Vice President for Sales and Marketing, and I are delighted to have him on board.

We believe that directing our focus towards the luxury tourism industry is a perfect addition to our core business, considering the target group shows matching interests. Soon, we will strive to elevate GlobeAir as the market's reference for all-round high-end services," said GlobeAir CEO Bernhard Fragner.

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With more than 50% of the market share, GlobeAir is Europe’s leader in the entry-level private jet sector. GlobeAir is available 24/7 all over Europe with 20 private jets connecting European cities like London, Geneva, Zurich, Paris, Nice, Milan with small airfields such as St. Moritz, Lugano, Salerno and 950 more. The company has achieved its success through dedication and by offering bespoke service before, during and after the flight. Charter rates starting from € 4,200, empty legs from € 590.

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