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Whitewashed houses sweep down to the marina, where luxury yachts routinely moor, and restaurants along the seafront dish up the island’s famous wine and cuisine producing an enchanting atmosphere.

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And it’s all incredibly easy to reach. Eccelsa Airport is a short drive from the city and the coast’s stunning beaches, and visitors can transfer to their luxury hotels or villas in style thanks to limo rides and concierges that can act as a luxury guide to everything on offer.

Important COVID-19 info for Olbia travellers

Based on the latest indications released by the Governor of Sardinia, all passengers who are planning to travel to Sardinia will have to comply with the following regulations. Our team is always ready to help you out as the instructions for some of the steps explained below could be available in Italian only:

  1. Request the authorisation to enter the island via the Sardinian Region APP available at
  2. Fill in the dedicated form
  3. Possess a negative molecular COVID-19 test. If this is not the case, the passenger would need a negative serological COVID-19 test, administered by the medical staff of the Airport Authority upon arrival
  4. Possess a self-declaration document containing the reason for the flight

When is the best time to go to Olbia?

The most popular destination on northern Sardinia’s Costa Smeralda, Olbia is a fantastic place to get on board of a private jet at almost any time of year. Originating as a Phoenician port, Olbia has thousands of years of history behind it and is a gorgeous coastal city.

Leisure travel

When you touch down in Olbia, you’ll be wonderfully placed to explore all of the sights of northern Sardinia. In the city itself, there’s a smattering of attractions, including an excellent Archaeological Museum, but it’s outside Olbia where the area really shines. In Arzachena, you can visit some of Europe’s oldest ruins, including the “Giant’s Tombs” and a range of Nuraghi towers, which archaeologists still struggle to understand. Then there are the beaches of the Costa Smeralda. Visiting locations like Grande Pevero or Liscia Ruja are unforgettable experiences, with their constant sunshine, soft white sands and warm, placid Mediterranean waters – the kind of beaches that make it easy for stressed-out professionals to unwind, and they don’t tend to be crammed with holidaymakers, even in high season.

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The best hotels

Whether you’re a golf enthusiast, a beach lover or simply intending to explore the area at leisure, the North of Sardinia is also home to plenty of superior hotels for visitors. The Costa Smeralda has long had an upscale reputation, and it still delivers thanks to options like the historical Cala di Volpe and Romazzino hotels, ot the Grand Hotel Poltu Quatu. All of them are easily accessible from Olbia’s airport, allowing travellers to head directly to beaches, spa centres or golf courses in no time. The city of Olbia also offers plenty of fine hotels. The Grand Hotel President offers exceptional views from its terrace restaurant on the main harbour.

The finest restaurants

If you’re a gastronomic enthusiast, taking a private jet to Olbia is a must. Sardinia has soared to the top of many experts’ European dining hierarchies in recent years thanks to its seductive blend of pork and lamb-based “peasant” dishes, great seafood, cheese selections and exceptional wines. From the exquisite seafood on offer at top restaurants like Tanit to the pasta masterpieces available at I Frati Rossi, Olbia plays host to some of the island’s premier upscale eateries, allowing luxury travellers to feast on some of the Mediterranean’s finest food. Alternatively, you could head into the hills to rural highlights, take culinary courses in Sardinian breadmaking or visit elite wineries like Cantina Surrau where you can taste great wines immerse in nature. There should be enough delights to satisfy the appetite of the most demanding gourmand when you take an air charter to the Emerald Coast.

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