Reconfirmed 2020 partnership for GlobeAir’s Brand Ambassador Lucas Catarina

GlobeAir’s Brand Ambassador Lucas Catarina in 2020

We support athletes and young professionals

With a renewed partnership with ATP tennis player Lucas Catarina for the year 2020, we are inaugurating a new season at the side of the Monegasque young athlete. Lucas is a strong-willed player and a good fit for GlobeAir representing both the world of athletes and young professionals.

With more than four countries visited in 2020 alone, Lucas represents the needs of travelling athletes for whom time is vital. We chatted with Lucas about his recent tournaments, ambitions and ever-ending appreciation for the Monaco principality, where he was born and has lived ever since.

A travelling athlete: Lucas' wins and plans for 2020

A young tennis player with a great potential

This season started with the right foot; in January I won 2 ATP future tournaments in Tunisia, and travelled to France, Canada and Greece. The Monastir tournament was a memorable experience; I felt very warmly welcomed and was on top of my game. If that’s just the beginning of my professional year, I am already excited about the months to come!

“Lucas has been an important addition to the pool of our strategic partnerships. We are proud to stand by his side and are happy to see him making headways,” says GlobeAir CEO Bernhard Fragner.

How important it is for you to invest time smartly?

Time management advice from a travelling athlete

The key is to keep the focus high. To invest time in what your mind and body need is vital, both before a tournament and during regular training sessions. Preferring the smart way of travelling is key to reaching my destinations fast without any loss of time.

Lucas catarina private jet
Lucas catarina private jet journey
Lucas catarina private jet free time

Getting a lot of sleep and even meditating when the high levels of stress require it, are also essential routines for me; in a way, investing on becoming productive is my way to be more efficient thus gaining time.

Where does the passion from tennis comes from?

Lucas lives "Passion into Profession"

As an individual sport, tennis requires a lot of mental and physical strength. At the end of the day, however, when you see that your job has brought you to travel the world, there is a very high sense of achievement which derives from the daily struggles.

I have always dreamt of being an athlete since I was young. Today, I feel fortunate to have the chance to practice every day as there is nothing more rewarding than seeing the concrete results of your hard work.

I feel lucky to have the chance to travel the world and appreciate new cultures, thanks to my profession.

How important is Monaco for you?

Why Lucas loves Monaco and his professional network

For as much as it is great to travel the world, I love coming back to my hometown. Monaco is where my family and my friends live and where I can be myself. Sometimes it is very important to have a break from tennis and I could not think about a better environment to switch off.

Lucas catarina globeair brand ambassador monaco
Monaco private jet

I am particularly grateful to my coach Guillaume Couillard and the entire Monte Carlo country club and Monaco’s Federation of tennis. Monaco rock, Maya Bay and le Larvotto are the places where I like to go with friends.


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