How will pet clearance regulations change after Brexit?

Brexit and pets: will the new geopolitical scenario force our passengers to change their habits?

Sarah Bowman from SkyPets gives us the latest information regarding pets’ clearance in the UK during the Brexit transition period

When you charter a private jet with GlobeAir, your pets can sit in the cabin with you; you won’t need to keep them caged and you can enjoy your flight with your cat or dog resting on your lap. More importantly, you are always sure that your pets are safe as you can always keep an eye on them.

Four pets on board
Globeair pets on board

Some countries, like the United Kingdom for example, apply very strict regulations regarding pets entering the United Kingdom. If you are planning on flying to the United Kingdom with one of your pets, you have to make sure that your pet needs is microchipped and:

  • Vaccinated against rabies
  • Treated against ticks
  • Treated against tapeworms

For information regarding requirements and fees when you fly with pets on a private jet, you can read our reference article regarding pets on board.

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Will Brexit force us to change our habits when it comes to travelling with pets on a private jet?

Interviewer: Do you think that there will be any changes or stricter measures after Brexit?

We are not expecting animal clearance to change after Brexit as the requirements are already very strict. We don’t check pets on departure, however we do advise our clients to ensure their pets have a rabies blood test, as this will be a requirement in many countries they will arrive to.

We clear about 50 pets per month, depending on public and school holidays, as our customers tend to move around more with their beloved animals during those periods.

Pets on board at London Biggin Hill Airport

Discover Biggin Hill's excellent pets clearance procedure

London Biggin Hill Airport was the first to establish a well-functioning pets clearance process back in 2003. We have interviewed Sarah Bowman, SkyPets Manager, to provide you with updated information regarding pets acceptance during the UK Brexit transition period.

We perform a very high number of pet flights the whole year-round. Being Biggin Hill a top-rated airport for business aviation, that's where we have landed 62 times with at least one pet in 2019 only. – Jonathan Berdoz, VP Sales and Marketing at GlobeAir

How does the pets' clearance process work?

Interviewer: "Tell us a bit more about SkyPets"

London Biggin Hill Airport’s SkyPets service was established in 2003. It enables DEFRA-approved charter operators to fly owners with their pets directly to the airport for clearance. At that time London Biggin Hill was the first and only business aviation airport within the London area to offer a dedicated animal handling service.

The SkyPets team supports the arrival of dogs, cats and ferrets at the airport. On arrival, I or a member of the SkyPets team boards the aircraft to check the pet’s passport and microchip, without the pet ever having to leave its owner’s side.

What is SkyPets' competitive advantage?

Interviewer: What differentiates you against, let's say, other London airports like Heathrow or Gatwick?

The clearance time at London Biggin Hill is considerably shorter than at Heathrow and Gatwick and up to five pets can travel in the aircraft cabin with their owners, which is much less stressful for both the animal and the owner, and the main difference between flying commercially and privately with pets. For frequent flyers the team really gets to know each personality, human and animal, which eases the process. We do need to receive all animal documentation (passport and vaccination records) at least 24 hours prior to arrival.

Unique stories of BizAv travelling pets

Interviewer: Can you share with us one of your most remarkable arrivals?

Our most notable arrival was a family that relocated to the UK with 11 dogs and four cats on board (not pictured). That was a great day! I love working with all the animals; dogs in particular are usually very happy to be walked out of the aircraft. I once had two very enthusiastic Golden Retrievers tangle me up in their leads in their attempt to race to the grass from the plane’s steps!

Skypets biggin

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