Behind the wings: Patricia Lazaro, First Officer

Meet #DreamTeam member Patricia Lazaro, First Officer

Aviator since she was 18, first officer at GlobeAir since 2019

Our #DreamTeam is made of the people who work with us. To celebrate the importance of our team members, we are releasing a series of profiles for you to get to know the people of GlobeAir. Coinciding with Women's Day 2021, we are presenting Patricia Lazaro, one of our bright first officers.

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When did your passion for aviation begin?

A passion discovered during the high-school times.

My interest in aviation started back when I was 16 years old, during my last high-school year. I had always liked travelling; I used to visit the airport and feel a certain fascination for planes. However, it didn't cross my mind that I could become a pilot myself. I knew that the career would have been too expensive for me and my family to support.

One day, my family and I met somebody who was working as a pilot, and we became good friends. He was the one who really encouraged me to pursue this career before anybody did. Thanks to his help and encouragement, I started to get my parents involved. Together, we started looking for information until we found the perfect aviation school for me.

"I sat down with my parents and I remember being asked if I was sure that this was what I wanted to achieve in life. I replied with a decisive: yes! – and that's when it all started"

I am lucky to have had such supportive parents who went above and beyond to support me both financially and psychologically so that I could get my license and complete my exams.

My very first job as a pilot was as a flight instructor in Sabadell (Barcelona) where I did my training back in the days. I must say I have very nice memories from that period of my life.

What’s your current role at GlobeAir?

Tell us about your experience as a #DreamTeam member.

I have been flying for GlobeAir since March 2019. Time really does fly if I think that this is exactly one year ago! What I like the most about the #DreamTeam is the strong bonds that you get to build with colleagues. We are almost 40 different nationalities and have different cultures and backgrounds; nevertheless we are like one big family!

Being part of the #DreamTeam means always feeling good vibes while working. When you are pilot, as in many other jobs, the element of trust is fundamental; I am happy I can trust my colleagues and lean on them or learn from them every day.

The pilots who work at GlobeAir all love their job and are very passionate about representing the business aviation industry. Most of the times, however, it is not about the mere act of flying; it is also about creating a nice work environment for people who work well together – and this is something that GlobeAir excels in!

Patricia lazaro first officer

What’s your future aspiration in aviation?

I feel like I have just landed in the aviation world! So I am taking it slowly, enjoying the moment and soaking up all the knowledge that my colleagues are willing to share with me and becoming more expert after every flight. Of course soon I would like to be promoted as captain and that's what I am working towards at the moment.

What does the expression "Women in aviation" mean to you?

What does it mean to be a female pilot?

I see myself as a very lucky woman who has been able to get where she wanted and achieve her dreams. However, I am aware that there is still a long way to go for women all over the world. Aviation needs more female pilots in the cockpit but also in management positions.

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Aviation used to be designed by and for men so it is time for things to change. I believe all women are great warriors, so I encourage you all to believe in yourselves and fight for what you want. If you believe you can achieve – you go girl!

Patricia's Bio

Patricia comes from Spain. She has completed her training in Barcelona and got her pilot license in 2011. She loves the mountains and enjoys walking her dogs, hiking or reading. She is a fan of the warm Spanish weather and loves having BBQs with family and friends or cycling along the beachside.


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