Enjoy Paris christmas shopping with your dog and styletravel

Your Mega Deluxe City Tour

Shopping experience in the Paris Metroplis

GlobeAir is pleased to partner with styletravel to offer you an exclusive opportunity: shop till your heart's content while lavishing attention on your four-legged friend.

The anticipation for the Christmas holidays rises with the drop in summer temperatures, and the smells of gingerbread stolen from the bakery displays awaken your sense of smell.

Christmas shopping in Paris is a unique experience because of the charming boutiques and flagship stores of renowned designers, jewellers and perfumers.

The perfect destination to find the most beautiful ideas for all gift-givers. Bask in the beauty of the Parisian sun as you meander along one of many picturesque boulevards as the bright light hits the majestic sights.

What is included in your luxury package:

  • GlobeAir private jet return flight from your airport of choice to Paris
  • Luxury chauffeur return transfer from the airport to the hotel
  • 4-night stay at Mandarin Oriental Hotel in the Couture Suite.
  • Reservation and dinner at restaurant "Le Meurice Alain Ducasse” *

*Drinks not included

STT Folder A4 Paris 2209 3 EN 2
STT Folder A4 Paris 2209 3 EN 3
Paris Christmas Shopping

Your four-legged friends will be happy to accompany you on your journey, and you can rest easy knowing that your pet will be comfortable and safe with you. Flying with pets on board a private jet is a memorable experience.

They will not be confined to a crate and kept away from you. They can enjoy the comfort of your lap or stay by your side – all while enjoying cuddles and fresh water.

Dog sitter:

Your dog sitter is available and at your disposal for 7 hours a day during your trip. You determine the times according to your wishes. Whether morning, noon or evening: you have complete flexibility.

Our dog sitters are trained German dog trainers who are in possession of §11 (according to German animal protection law).

Amenities for your dog at the hotel: Dog bed/basket, blanket, food bowl and dog toys. We will charge for additional dates on request

Dog grooming and wellness

In Paris, we offer you a very extravagant dog salon that provides services only to selected customers and on request. It cannot be more exclusive as your four-legged friend is already picked up by a private chauffeur in front of your hotel. Your excellent stylist lovingly takes care of your fluffy friend.

In addition to grooming - washing, cutting and blow drying - and cleaning the arms, attention is paid to care for paws and claws. Unique ingredients and high-quality lotions make the paws supple and beautiful again. Your special friend will also receive massages between the individual care units to relax.

21 November 2022

Paris, France

starting from £21,132.08 *
(BTC 1.1945)

* flights included, per person

London (BQH)
→ Paris (LBG)

from £4,190
BTC 0.2389

Flight time: 01:02 h

Fly to Paris

Vienna (VIE)
→ Paris (LBG)

from £10,590
BTC 0.6011

Flight time: 02:36 h

Fly to Paris

Geneva (GVA)
→ Paris (LBG)

from £5,490
BTC 0.3082

Flight time: 01:20 h

Fly to Paris

Dream World at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel

A place of serene elegance, where luxury is manifested in every detail

We have chosen the outstanding Mandarin Oriental Hotel for you and your four-legged friend. Your Couture Suite fits the theme of this trip perfectly; it's all about style!

The interior, inspired by the muses of fashion designers, includes a large bedroom, a living room with a dining area, a kitchenette and a guest toilet. The bathroom has a bathtub and a steam shower. There is also plenty of room for your fluffy companion in this suite.

The hotel is located in the prestigious Rue Saint-Honoré near Place Vendôme and near the city's largest park, so your four-legged friend will have plenty of space to run around.

STT Folder A4 Paris 2209 3 EN
STT Folder A4 Paris 2209 3 EN 2
STT Folder A4 Paris 2209 3 EN 3

Exceptional dinner at Le Meurice Alain Ducasse

A fusion of classic sophistication and modern elegance

Enjoy an exceptional dinner at the restaurant "Le Meurice Alain Ducasse”.

Under the direction of Alain Ducasse and chef Amaury Bouhours, the restaurant has become the address for gourmets in Paris. Free of restrictions, the team presents an entirely new way of interpreting star cuisine.

Inspired by the "Salon de la Paix" in the Palace of Versailles, ornate grandeur and playful modern accents blend seamlessly to create a majestic backdrop for outstanding cuisine.

Renowned Chef Alain Ducasse is France's most decorated chef, with 21 Michelin stars.

STT Folder A4 Paris 2209 3 EN 2
STT Folder A4 Paris 2209 3 EN

Upgrade your experience with these mega highlights

Private concert behind the scenes of the opera house

The Palais Garnier, centrally located in the 9th arrondissement and named after its architect Charles Garnier, exudes luxury. With almost 2,000 seats, every performance is always a sell-out.

We provide you with a unique experience where the magic of the stage comes to life before your eyes: a private classical performance by a dancer from the National Opera Ballet, accompanied by a quartet and Opera singer. The show is performed expressly for you while you enjoy an exquisite dinner.

After the show, you can explore areas not open to the general public and get a behind-the-scenes look at one of the world's most prestigious opera houses - all the way to the costume workshop, where the magic takes shape.

Breakfast in the Hermès flagship store

Hermès is a revered luxury leather brand known for its exceptionally high quality, expert craftsmanship and aristocratic image.

Discover the deep roots of this remarkable company on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. Through a wooden lattice door and with a push of a brass door handle, the museum that was Emile Hermès' office opens up before you. It is where the inspirations behind the famous leather brand were born. The wood-panelled rooms contain riding regalia from antique carriages, handmade leather saddles, silver spurs and other luxury goods in shapes and shades that have become the hallmark of a brand known for its quality.

As you would not lend your fabulous Hermès bag to just anyone, the fashion house is similarly selective about whom they invite behind the scenes. Andy Warhol and General George Patton, as well as prominent politicians and actors, have already been among their guests.

STT Folder A4 Paris 2209 3 EN
STT Folder A4 Paris 2209 3 EN 2
STT Folder A4 Paris 2209 3 EN 3

The Mona Lisa just for you, Louvre after hours!

The Louvre is a museum of super sights. Every year, 9 million visitors crowd in front of the Mona Lisa. That's just under 25,000 per day. No wonder the waiting time at the Louvre can be up to three hours.

We may have the solution for you! Have you ever wondered what such a spectacular museum looks like after hours when the doors are closed to visitors?

How would it be to discover the world's most famous paintings alone, undisturbed, without crowds and free from distraction?

Immerse yourself in the museum's atmosphere after it has closed to the public, the Louvre "after-hours" experience. Just you, the art, your guide and the $860 Million priced Mona Lisa!

Louis Vuitton's house & special orders workshop

Discover the history and creation of one of the most famous bags in the world, in the Rue Louis Vuitton, just outside the city. You will be invited into the home of the Vuitton family, who implemented the concept of luxury travel.

Observe the artisans in the studio and experience how each Signature bag is created and crafted by hand.

The art nouveau design of the family villa and the inescapable charm exemplify how exquisite taste has been reflected in the Vuitton brand for many generations.

La Samaritaine - Private tour & personal stylist

Since its beginnings in 1869, the exceptional La Samaritaine department store has always been known for its avant-garde architecture. It houses an exquisite selection of upscale luxury goods. It is one of the most famous shopping addresses in the world.

The architects Frantz Jourdain & Henri Sauvage brought forth many new ideas and inspirations. Driven by modernity and innovation, Ernest Cognacq and Marie-Louise Jaÿ created notable highlights for Parisian high society. Reviving the most legendary department stores in Paris cost over 750 million euros and took several years to complete.

The famous grey-blue iron staircase by Gustave Eiffel, which stretches over five floors and is lined with 16,000 gold leaves, was restored to its original state. Art deco and art nouveau structures and details of the building have been beautifully restored, not only in their original splendour but also reinterpreted into an ultra-modern architectural masterpiece.

In 2021, the reopening was celebrated in the presence of many prominent guests, such as Emmanuel Macron.

We invite you to a private and very personal shopping trip through La Samaritaine. An experience in a class of its own!

Your personal stylist will create individual suggestions according to your wishes. Your private salon, as cosy as a small Parisian city flat, is reserved for your fittings. Your shopping session includes treats like macarons and champagne.

STT Folder A4 Paris 2209 3 EN
STT Folder A4 Paris 2209 3 EN 2
STT Folder A4 Paris 2209 3 EN 3

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