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Tailor-made for discerning travellers, the Smart Traveller #3 comes from the idea of a visionary CEO. In this issue, the #DREAMTEAM has continued to partner with more luxury brands in awe-inspiring destinations that will excite and energise you. We invite you to explore luxurious travel and learn about our exclusive synergic partnerships.

Our ecosystem reflects how we help our customers appreciate quality time and enjoy themselves with an unforgettable experiencekeeping the focus on safety in mind.

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Read exciting testimonials from GlobeAir's Event and Partnership Manager Jean-Eudes Fauville, discover exclusive yacht experiences in Palma, unforgettable holiday moments in Sardinia, why you need to visit Monaco and discover more about the road to success with Maximilian Hagmayr!

Learn more about art with themulti-disciplinary virtuosoPhilippe Shangti, discover unique craftmanship with F/LIST and take a culinary tour around the world! With even more travel inspiration waiting for you, make sure to grab your personal magazine now.

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