Private Jet for Medical Staff and Cargo

Private jet charters for medical staff and transport

We offer fast high-end transport solutions for medical staff, organs and blood reserves transport

Medical staff and cargo need quick transport solutions to arrive on time whenever punctuality is required the most. We make our aircraft available for the medical sector both in regular times and especially during a crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Specific offers valid during the COVID-19 crisis only

With the pandemic hitting the majority of the commercial airlines and forcing them to cease their operations, we are – on the contrary – still operative in Europe, although with some imposed restrictions.

To face the pandemic crisis, we are offering some of our bespoke services for free to help the medical sector.

Medical staff, due to the nature of their job, also benefit from limited restrictions when it comes to travel abroad during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can read more by visiting our dedicated COVID-19 blog article online.

Private jet charters for the medical sector: advantages

  • We offer free last-minute (empty legs) flights to medical staff, researchers and virologists.
  • We facilitate the transport of organs, blood reserves, drugs and other urgent medical cargo.
  • Private jet flights are still one of the safest means of transportation due to less crowded private jet terminals.
  • We thoroughly sanitize our aircraft and our pilots are healthy and instructed to always be taking precautions.
  • We benefit from an in-house COVID-19 crisis team to keep our company and our passengers up-to-date.

Helicopter transfers available

We partner with Europe’s most reliable helicopter charter companies to let you reach destinations like the Monaco principality hassle-free and with the best rates.

24/7 customer service

Contact our multilingual Customer Care Team at any time: we are available for you 24/7 whether it is by email, phone, WhatsApp or social media.

15-minutes boarding time

Save up to 3 hours on each of your trips with our 15-minutes boarding time. Enjoy the privacy of dedicated private-jet terminals, or FBOs, and relax at one of the many VIP lounges.

AI powered pricing

With an AI powered machine learning algorithm to provide real-time price estimates, we can guarantee the best rates available as well as the most efficient itineraries.

Exclusive events in Europe

We partner with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry like Amber Lounge, among others, to offer you exclusive access to Europe’s exclsuive events.

On-board liquids allowed

Compared to the traditional airlines, we ensure more freedom for your trips. Board with your champagne bottles and don’t worry about liquid restrictions.

Geneva (GVA)
→ Nice (NCE)

from £3,990

Flight time: 00:45 h

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Paris (LBG)
→ Zurich (ZRH)

from £3,990

Flight time: 01:21 h

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Nice (NCE)
→ London (LCY)

from £6,590

Flight time: 02:13 h

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