The GlobeAir Lounge

The GlobeAir Lounge – the #DreamTeam goes live

An insider’s guide to Europe’s leading entry-level-jet operator in times of COVID-19

We have launched #TheGlobeAirLounge series to unveil some of the most interesting facts concerning the GlobeAir operations in times of COVID-19. Like many corporations, in March 2020, we found ourselves in the middle of the unexpected, with the pandemic breaking out at a vertiginous rate. In reaction to that, we decided to start recording a series of episodes for you to dive deep into the GlobeAir story in times of COVID.

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Listen to our CEO Bernhard Fragner in conversation with the VPs of Sales & Marketing and Business Operations – respectively Jonathan Berdoz and Ricardo Santana, giving an honest recap of the past months at GlobeAir. Learn about our quick reactions to the pandemics, the challenges, and the recovery process.

Episode 1


00:14 Introduction by Laura Casati
01:44 Bernhard Fragner introducing "The GlobeAir Lounge" and GlobeAir
04:06 Introduction of Jonathan Berdoz
04:39 Introduction of Ricardo Santana
06:07 Bernhard Fragner looking back to Q1 2020 before the start of the pandemic
09:31 Jonathan Berdoz talking about marketing and events before the first lockdown hit the industry
11:17 Ricardo Santana explaining the sudden changes in business operations
13:30 Bernhard Fragner about the importance of fast reactions and quick decisions
18:02 The importance of biosecurity

Episode 2


00:30 Bernhard Fragner about risk exposure and the action to tackle the pandemic
01:45 A study done by GlobeAir: 700 touch points on an airline vs. 20 touch points on a private jet
03:05 Ricardo Santana talking about struggles of crew, roasters and positioning
06:31 Bernhard Fragner analyzing Q2 and the new day-to-day fight
09:40 The COVID-19 map feature on
Jonathan Berdoz explaining how the pandemic affected sales
13:53 Ricardo Santana about managing resources in Q2 to prepare for the restart
16:00 Jonathan Berdoz about business in summer 2020
17:44 Ricardo giving insights on how to go from low season to busy season in Q3

Episode 3


00:40 Bernhard Fragner remembering June 15
04:58 Jonathan Berdoz explaining "Converters" and "Downgraders" in summer 2020
07:49 Bernhard Fragner about marketing activities in Q4
09:25 "The One Million JetCard"
11:23 Jonathan Berdoz giving insights about Q4
12:32 Ricardo Santana explaining the importance of the DREAMTEAM
14:39 Jonathan Berdoz showing some data insights of 2020
16:28 Ricardo Santana giving some statistics of business operations in 2020
18:11 Bernhard Fragner wrapping up 2020 in a nutshell

Episode 4


00:23 Bernhard Fragner giving an outlook about changes in travel behavior
03:36 Jonathan Berdoz explaining new booking patterns in business aviation
06:10 Ricardo Santana about safety and biosecurity in the next years
10:15 Bernhard Fragner about upcoming trends and changes in business aviation

Episode 5


00:38 Bernhard Fragner answering questions about #brexit
Jonathan Berdoz talking about remote working and home office
07:50 Jonathan Berdoz about the demand of Private JetCards
09:21 Ricardo Santana analyzing regional airports in "The Golden Banana"
12:04 Bernhard Fragner giving an outlook on CESR
16:56 Bernhard Fragner about upcoming projects at GlobeAir in 2021


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