Passione Engadina

Passione Engadina

A networking event dedicated to classy drivers only

Passione Engadina is a unique gathering that combines the pleasure of driving and spending time together. Join the “Passione Engadina Community” and participate in one of the most exclusive networking events that GlobeAir is sponsoring.

Why Passione Engadina

GlobeAir has chosen to partner up with this ultimate networking event as the purpose of the gathering is very dear to us. We believe in the importance of sharing passions – like the one for motorsport – and spending time amongst people who have your same interests.

"We have partnered up with Passione Engadina after I have personally met its organisers and appreciated how passionate they are. We too, at GlobeAir, love bringing people together; and there is no better way than talking business than sharing time with racing cars aficionados," Bernhard Fragner, GlobeAir CEO.
Passione Engadina

Discover Passione Engadina

The next event occurs between 26 - 28 August 2022 and will see our CEO Bernhard Fragner participating.

Passione Engadina is a community that likes to get back together and, for this reason, a “home” for this group of friends was created: the Kulm Country Club in St. Moritz.
Passione engadina red car
Passione engadina race
Passione engadina oldtimer

This home receives all the Community’s members through the entire year, because Passione Engadina creates strong bonds among the participants, who meet each other not only during the gathering. On a wall of the Country Club there’s a notice board with the names of every edition’s winner for all the participants to admire.

You will join the Friends of Passione Engadina after three editions, when you receive a distinguishable silver pin. After five editions, you will receive a gold pin.

Passione Engadina organizes the New Year’s Aperitif at the Kulm Country Club. For the many friends meeting in St. Moritz during the Christmas season to share the affection received by Passione Engadina.

A lot of gifts will be awaiting those who will celebrate with Passione Engadina, with the same warmth and style with which we distinguish ourselves.

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