The One Million Jet Card by GlobeAir

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An exclusive private jet card with extreme flexibility and all advantages of an on-demand charter

The One Million Jet Card is an exclusive private jet card which is tailor-made for one private jet traveller or company. The owner will benefit from the best travelling conditions when chartering one of GlobeAir's 21 very light jets as well as exclusive benefits brought to you by GlobeAir's refined partners such as Sixt, renowned hotel chains, Kate & Kon, Bulgari and more.

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GlobeAir is offering the One Million Jet Card as a once-off due to the exclusivity of its advantages for travellers.

From today on, travellers can sign up to receive all updates and details about the exclusive private jet card. Non-binding subscriptions are accepted until December 22nd, 2021 – the date when GlobeAir will be giving away the One Million Jet Card to one amongst the interested subscribers.

Exclusive Benefits

The best way to be flexible and comfortable while travelling

The One Million Jet Card offers you the chance to secure more than 300 private jet trips in five years. Tailored to one discerning traveller or company, the One Million Jet Card lets you benefit from incredible flexibility.

  • 400 flight hours amounting to approximately 300 private jet flights
  • Personalised card delivered to your doorstep
  • 12h guaranteed availability
  • Bespoke pricing scheme on one-way trips
  • Valid to and from all GlobeAir hubs including London Biggin Hill, Amsterdam, Paris–Le Bourget, Nice Côte d’Azur, Cannes Mandelieu, Geneva, Zurich, Munich, Milan Linate and Malpensa, Linz; Ibiza, Palma and Olbia from June to September
  • Unlimited free empty legs
  • One limousine transfer a day to reach the city centre from the preferred destination (equal to approx. 30 minutes drive maximum)
  • Maximum flexibility until 2 hours before departure time
  • Additional high-end GlobeAir goodies
  • Overnight options included*
COVID-19 has changed the way private jet travellers value their time and flight availability. Since the pandemic has started, we have seen a surge in demand for private jet cards. The trend has spurred the idea of the One Million Jet card, a unique opportunity to fly private in a more convenient way – whether it is for personal or corporate use. – Bernhard Fragner, CEO of GlobeAir

Popular routes

  • Amsterdam > London: one way trip for € 3,800 instead of € 4,400
  • London > Paris > London: day-return for € 4,400 instead of € 5,400
  • Geneva > Cannes > Geneva: weekend flight for € 5,500 instead of € 7,900
  • Zurich > Munich > Paris > Zurich: multi-leg and overnight for € 9,400 instead of € 11,400
  • Nice > Ibiza > Nice: weekend flight for € 7,700 instead of €9,400


  • Dedicated to one traveller or one company and their top management, partners, employees, investors only
  • Valid for private jet flights with a 4-seater Cessna Citation Mustang jet
  • VAT + Italian luxury tax to be invoiced extra when required
  • € 1 million requested as prepayment
  • Valid for five years
  • Non-binding application to submit online with all company details
  • 100% deposit and monthly overview provided to the customer
  • Legal recourse is excluded
  • *Overnight options deducting ¼ flight hours from your total amount of hours

The One Million Jet Card by GlobeAir

Learn about your membership conditions and complete your application

Thanks for signing up to The One Million Jet Card by GlobeAir – the most exclusive private jet card which is tailor-made for one privileged private jet traveller or company.

As you know, we are giving away just one exclusive private jet card of this sort so you can now learn all about the card's exclusive privileges and complete your application. We have summed up your membership conditions below for you to learn all about The One Million Jet Card in detail.

Your membership conditions

Agreement ItemsOne Million Jet Card
Right of use of total flight hours400 flight hours as return trip
Upfront investmentEUR 1,000,000
Flight price per hour deducted per return tripEUR 2,200
One-way flight Price per hour deductedEUR 3,740
Overnight fee (max. 3)EUR 550
Minimum Flight Time Charge1h per leg (60 Min)
GlobeAir hubs (departure/arrival)

Amsterdam, Cannes, Geneva,
Paris, London Biggin Hill, Milan,
Munich, Nice, Zurich
plus following summer hubs:
Olbia, Ibiza, Palma, Rome

Granted aircraft availability12h hours before confirmed take-off
Additional agreement users to
(subject to authorisation)
partners, employees, investors
De-icing insurance (if ordered)EUR 200 per leg
Unlimited empty legs useFREE (do not include a limousine transfer)
Hourly flight time calculation

Try calculation according to flight time

Limousine transfers
(e-class or similar)
1 free limousine transfer (30-min max)
per return trip
Maximum use of planes per day2 private jets
Flexibility on confirmed
departure time
1h before and after confirmed departure time
Departure/Arrival fee for first
or/and last leg for non-hub airports

EUR 0 for GlobeAir hubs
EUR 500 GlobeAir network
EUR 1.500 Zone 1
EUR 2.500 Zone 2

GlobeAir partner benefitsGlobeAir Welcome Box, Aircraft Model
Cancellation policy
(before confirmed take-off time)
Up to 24 hours: FREE;
Between 24 hours and 12 hours: 40%
Less than 24 hours: 60% of original charter rate
Expiration of agreementAfter consumption of upfront investment
or on the following date: 31/12/2026
Positioning fees


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Complete the application below by providing all the necessary details regarding yourself or your business. We are accepting completed applications until Sunday, 19 December 2021. We will be contacting the future One Million Jet Card owner by Wednesday, 22 December 2021.

I confirm that the data is correct and I am authorized to apply for the One Million Jet Card.

GlobeAir benefits

Why choose GlobeAir as your preferred travel partner

Biosecurity guaranteed

Our crew use face masks while boarding and takes care of keeping safe distances. Continuous air cabin circulation ensures 100% fresh air on board at any point in time.

Highest safety standards

We have been awarded the EBAA Silver Safety of Flight Award for achieving 60,000 hours of flying without an accident.

Avoid crowds of tourists

Board your private jet from private dedicated terminals and skip unnecessary touchpoints. Avoid public transports for your transfers and expect premium biosecurity measures all along your journey.

Private jet disinfection

We deep-clean your private jet before and after every flight so that you will find your seats sanitized at any moment. A complimentary disinfectant kit is always available for you in the cabin.

Book in less than a minute

Book your private jet online in less than a minute and reach your destination the fastest way.

Dedicated concierge services

We offer ad-hoc limousine or taxi transfers upon arrival and dedicated concierge services during your trip. We can book you in at your favourite hotel, restaurant or event.

Frequent-flyer program

Purchase in-flight hours and enjoy discounted prices and guaranteed availability with our jet card programs. Enhance your flexibility with GlobeAir.

15-minutes boarding time

Save up to 3 hours on each of your trips with our 15-minutes boarding time. Enjoy the privacy of dedicated private-jet terminals, or FBOs, and relax at one of the many VIP lounges.


Contact us on your favourite channel. Our team is available 24/7.

+43 (7221) 727400
+43 (7221) 727400

Why GlobeAir?

GlobeAir is the leading and award-winning Private Jet Operator in Europe offering on-demand charter flights at competitive rates. To make sure that you receive the excellent service you deserve, we are available for you 24/7.

Biosecurity guaranteed

Highest safety standards

Avoid crowds of tourists

Private jet disinfection

Book in less than a minute

Dedicated concierge services