Who is flying private today?


Who is chartering a private jet today?

All relevant GlobeAir statistics regarding private jet travellers today

With COVID-19 disrupting travelling as we know it, GlobeAir has never ceased to operate. On the other hand, we have endured a very busy summer. With Christmas approaching, we are looking back at our past activities to give you first-hand information regarding private jet travellers' behaviours and preferences during the pandemic.

Globeair covid 19 stats

Statistics to celebrate

Before diving into learning about the behaviour of private jet travellers during COVID-19, we would like to highlight some of our most relevant statistics today. Since the pandemic has started, GlobeAir has had a total of 7,636 passengers and performed 6,452 flights to register zero positive cases on board and confirming that private jets are indeed amongst the safest travel means today. The below statistics are valid since the 15th of March 2020.

Who's flying private today?

Seven features which define the private jet traveller today

  1. More business than leisure
  2. A surge of first-time private jet travellers
  3. Average number of passengers per flight
  4. Passengers' average age
  5. Children on board
  6. Pet statistics
  7. Beloved routes

1. More business than leisure

60% of our flights have been for business purposes

With strict preventive measures stopping travellers from enjoying nightlife and refined meals as they used to, we have seen fewer leisure trips compared to business.

Globeair pilot mask covid19
Private jet charter politicians
Globeair helps travel industry

Where airlines have stopped offering flights, private jet charters have been there to help. Face-to-face meetings are still necessary, with GlobeAir operating 60% of its flights for business purposes.

2. A surge in first-time private jet travellers

Converters are the new private jet travellers

A total of 2,678 passengers have become first-time private jet travellers. Since the pandemic has started, frequent flyers who would have normally relied on business class flights have now switched to private jet charters thanks to the highest safety and availability provided.

3. Average number of passengers per flight

Two passengers per flight as average

GlobeAir operates the world's largest fleet of four-seater Citation Mustang jets. Since the pandemic has started, we have registered an average of two passengers per flight.

4. Passengers' average age

We fly young athletes and experienced businessmen

The average age of our passengers was 44 years old. It is not uncommon for GlobeAir to fly very young and successful artists and athletes – especially football players – or businessmen as well as established businessmen with many years of experience.

5. Children on board

We make it easy for parents to fly their children in total safety

Since the pandemic has started, we have flown 418 children with and without their parents. It is not uncommon for GlobeAir to welcome minors alone on board. We strive to help your children reach their destinations and we facilitate the process by sending you a declaration of liability upfront. After receiving all necessary information regarding the drop in and the pick up at the airport, we are ready to welcome your child on board.

6. Pet statistics

Pets are five-star passengers at GlobeAir

We don't simply welcome your beloved pets on board, we try to make them feel as comfortable as possible. When you board a GlobeAir private jet with a cat or a dog, you must make sure that your dog is on a leash and together with a dedicated dog-carrier. Since the pandemic's beginning, we have also performed five flights with pets alone while their owners was waiting for them at destination.

Four pets on board
Flying-with-pets-intext-1024x681 2x

7. Beloved routes

Podium for Switzerland, France and the United Kingdom

We operate all over Europe but we are known to master some routes and destinations in particular. Since the pandemic has started, Geneva, Nice, London Biggin Hill and Paris Le Bourget have won the award for most beloved destinations. Thanks to our frequent traffic in these cities, we can guarantee better prices and extreme efficiency.

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