A 100% paperless cockpit for the environment

GlobeAir has gained the approval for the paperless checklist

How the #DreamTeam is committed to reduce the amount of paper waste

During these unprecedented times, we are happy to be sharing some bright news. To stick to our commitment to the environment, we are proud to announce that GlobeAir has successfully gained the approval for the abbreviated paperless checklist from the Austrian Authority.

First officer using paperless abbreviated Check List
Paperless Check List for outside check
Paperless Check List - Ipad view

What is a Checklist in aviation?

In aviation, a pre-flight checklist is a list of tasks that should be performed by the pilots during each phase of flight. Pilots also use checklists for both normal and non-normal operations: for routine situations, for landings, take-offs, for malfunctions, and for emergencies.

What are the advantages of a Paperless Checklist?

We are proud to be achieving yet another step towards reaching a 100% paperless cockpit. With the implementation of the abbreviated paperless checklist, all revisions are controlled remotely by the electronic flight bag (EFB) manager making it easier for crew to be always updated.

Another great achievement by my GlobeAir #myprivatejet #DreamTeam led by Diego Durjava, GlobeAir's Vice President Flight Operations, NPFO, LTC and his team. Becoming entirely paperless across all areas of our operations is a fundamental element of our overall CSR strategy. – Bernhard Fragner

With only one click, the whole fleet gets updated with the ultimate version of the checklist. This represents one of the milestones towards a more sustainable business aviation industry in accordance with our commitment to the environment throughout the years.

The importance of sustainability in business aviation

GlobeAir has recently kicked off its carbon offsetting program as part of a roadmap towards a more sustainable business aviation industry. As the European Business Aviation Association puts it, GlobeAir also believes that:

The importance of sustainability and social responsibility is gaining staggering value in our daily lives. Many industries are redirecting their resources towards building a concrete roadmap for sustainability policies - and business aviation's stakeholders are following suit.

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