GlobeAir rallies in 2021

How did GlobeAir develop in 2021?

2021 outline: A year that was

We have all experienced a turbulent year, with new Coronavirus variants, multiple lockdown measures and uncertainty for the future. GlobeAir remained committed to keeping flying safe through our efficient travel services. As a Private Jet Charter company, it was crucial to show resilience amidst change and be as flexible as possible under such circumstances. Most importantly, prioritise customer care throughout this arduous period of time.

The global Civil Aviation industry has seen a rebound this year after the effects of 2020, with a 300% increase in flights by the end of Q3. Although this number is still lower compared to 2019, the increase in travel is a positive sign of a robust industry halted by the virus bouncing back and adapting to travel restrictions post covid.

For GlobeAir, 2021 has been a year of continued growth and success. We have selected ten essential facts about our company that best represent its past year.

1. Flight hours

We've flown to the moon and back more than 120 times

In 2021, GlobeAir flew over 11,200 flights equating to over 18,000 flight hours performed by our DreamTeam. By improving our efficiency, we have kept all our passengers flying at a moment's notice by offering the gift of time when they need it most. Our efforts in technology and innovation have allowed us to keep up with customer demands while helping them manage their busy schedules so that they can get back home sooner rather than later.

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Women in aviation

2. Passengers

Private jets are indeed the safest means of travel

We are proud to have hosted over 13,200 passengers on board, of which 4,600 were new passengers in 2021. The fact that passengers are moving away from the traditional commercial flights and choosing private jet charters is evident by their increased popularity for our time-saving services. Private flying provides a better experience overall with fewer touchpoints making for safer and healthier travel. There is no need for long lines when booking with GlobeAir, as passengers make their way through security checkpoints.

3. Pets on Board

Your best friend is our best friend

We are proud to say that we have been able to host over 2,400 pets on our private jets so far this year. That means we carried pets on over 21% on all flights we had in 2021. We are proud of this achievement and know it is a great relief for pet owners who need to travel with their four-legged friends. With our pet policies in place, you can be comforted knowing your best friend won't face any significant stress when travelling privately with GlobeAir!

Four pets on board
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4. Top three destinations

Your favourite destinations were...

According to our passenger trends, Paris, Nice and Geneva are the most popular destinations for travellers in 2021. We have developed a pretty good relationship with these cities because of our fleet's frequent visits. These destinations have been popular for both arrival and departure.

5. Top city pairings

The most flown city pairs in 2021

Consequently, this includes the top city pairings for return flights:

  1. Paris - Geneva
  2. Nice - Paris
  3. Geneva - Nice

Interestingly, the most popular time for takeoff in 2021 was 13h00.


6. Champagne

Luxury one-of-a-kind tasting experiences

Our passengers celebrated their travels in luxury with over 1,000 bottles of champagne opened for them onboard our #MyPrivateJet. At GlobeAir, we offer complimentary highly quality Taittinger champagne served to all guests onboard. When it comes to beer & wine consumption, in 2021, we saw a 20% increase from the previous year.

7. Passenger Transfers

Tailored travel solutions provided by our dedicated concierge service

We pride ourselves on tailormade bespoke travel experiences which are not just limited to private jet charters. Our dedicated concierge service booked over 650 passenger transfers. Including on-demand luxury ground transfers through our valued partner SIXT Ride, taxis on arrival with our trusted FBO's, and helicopter transfers offering a reliable connection to your favourite destinations.

Munich sixt transfer
Helicopter charter globeair

8. Website quotes and WhatsApp Conversations

GlobeAir take digital seriously

We processed over 45,000 quotes through our online booking system for travellers at! This portal allows travellers to receive a quote immediately for their desired routing. The most remarkable aspect is booking a charter or an empty leg and paying with Credit Card or Bitcoin online in a matter of minutes. We offer a cost-effective and time-saving solution for any traveller looking to book a private jet.

In 2021, close to 4,000 WhatsApp conversations were initiated with our 24/7 customer care team. This fantastic service provides quick and accessible services for travellers who want a quote or need help booking flights on the go. With the popularity of WhatsApp as part of daily life, this service helped make travelling more efficient for our passengers from the comfort of their cellphone.

9. Jet Card hours

The first choice for premium membership

In 2021, we operated over 852 Jet Card hours in the air. On top of our on-demand private jet charters, we offer a jet card programme for frequent flyers. The Fix and Flex jet card offers flexibility and all the advantages of an on-demand charter. Cardholders can secure their flight hours and enjoy many other benefits with a modest membership fee.

Globeair fleet
Globeair passenger mask

10. Simulation hours

Safety is always our highest priority

At GlobeAir, the safety of our passengers and crew is more than just a priority - it is our highest priority. Our highly trained pilots completed over 4,600 hours of training on the simulator to be ready to tackle every challenge. The simulation ensures pilot growth, awareness, and ease handling of every challenging scenario.


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