The importance of new partnerships for GlobeAir in 2021

GlobeAir announces new partnerships in 2021

A focus on motorsport, golf and networking events made smarter

GlobeAir is proud to be announcing a new and impressive array of partnerships to kick start 2021. After a tradition of connecting with the motorsport industry thanks to Alfa Romeo Racing Orlen, the private jet company is proud to announce that it will move in the direction of favouring exclusive motorsport experiences.

Boss gp experience globeair
Golf networking event globeair
Boss gp globeair exclusive race experience

Exclusive golf networking events and more and more partnerships with exclusive hotels in Europe's most refined locations will top off the new offerings for our discerning travellers. Expect to see a rise in travel packages with invitation-only luxury accommodation solutions in Côte d'Azur, Monaco, Sardinia and Bavaria.

BOSS GP & GlobeAir: real benefits for our passengers

A shared passion for speed and entertainment

As a partner, GlobeAir will be able to offer an exclusive mode of traveling to BOSS GP's racing events for customers and teams. In addition, GlobeAir will be able to offer a bespoke racing experience for customers, friends and family.

"GlobeAir is now able to extend the long list of experiences we provide with an unforgettable event: driving a GP2 car at full speed. Racing has always been very closely linked to aviation: In addition to the passion for speed and safety, people naturally also share the emotions of shared experiences on a long day of racing." – Bernhard Fragner, CEO GlobeAir

Go to BOSS GP's dedicated page to read more about the partnership and the details of the experiences.

Golf at GlobeAir: Stadler events and The Honorables' Think Green

GlobeAir champions golf as a sport of strategy and a noble networking event

Golf can be many things. It is both a passion and a sport which favours the relaxation of the mind and the stimulation of the intellect. For our discerning travellers and for us at GlobeAir, however, the art of golf is also a proven tool to network and to discuss about business topics in a more informal environment.

Golf networking event globeair
Globeair extended partnerships 2021
Golf globeair event 2020

At GlobeAir, we have started championing golf events to bring our passengers together and foster synergies between different industries, stakeholders and partners. In 2021, GlobeAir has set the goal for itself to expand in golf tournaments to bring people with similar interests together. This will be the year of a renowned partnership with the Stadler Golf tournament, where GlobeAir will take part and will be honoured to bring along some of our most-trusted passengers in order to benefit from days of fun and strategic networking. In 2021, GlobeAir will also take part in The Honourables Think Green Executive Tour as part of our CSR roadmap.

Coming up: Exclusive partnerships with the best names in hospitality in the most refined European locations

A focus on exclusive, invitation-only and money-can-buy experiences

GlobeAir is focussing more and more on fostering close partnerships with the best names in hospitality – both for your winter and summer safe getaways.

Zingraff and globeair
The bicester village shopping center
Sky package kulm hotel private jet

We are proud to have expanded our partnership-dedicated resources working with local experts in the best European locations like the Côte d'Azur, Monaco, Sardinia and the best ski locations for your winter – see the latest partnerships with hotels of the likes of Crans-Ambassador, the Schweizerhof and The Chedi Andermatt.

We are aware of our passengers' interest in exclusive shopping experiences and we are working closely with the experts to offer you invitation-only experiences around Europe. We will be releasing all our news soon, so watch this space for more detailed information to come.

For any experience inquiries, do not hesitate to contact our new Partnership Manager Mr Jean-Eudes Fauville at

Jean-Eudes Fauville

Jean-Eudes Fauville

Partnership Manager


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